Holby City: Hope, faith, camomile tea and doughnuts

mo mr t holby(Series 17, ep.42) With Adele’s life still hanging in the balance, everyone was rallying around Mo. Most notably the adorable Mr T (MR T!!!) was offering a listening ear, chocolate and a relaxing cup of camomile tea. Hanssen offered “hope and faith,” and his continued medical services, and Elliot Hope placed his emergency stash of doughnuts at Mo’s disposal. Even Oliver Valentine and Zosia were caring and concerned (indeed Ollie smiled a lot more than he has for months, and he’s stopped being all growly and cross). 

mo ina jesse adele holbyOne notable exception to all this supportive behaviour was Clifford, Mo’s dad. Lest we forget, it was very much his fault that Adele ended up in such a critical condition in the first place (though he tried to blame Fletch for not going through with the drug van job), so there was an element of guilty conscience, but it seems that Clifford is not the genial chap he likes to pretend to be.

By the end of the episode, Clifford had decided to leave Holby, to carry out some unspecified deeds as payback for the criminals who were now threatening Fletch’s children. So maybe he’s not entirely bad – just a bit bad and a lot stupid.

mo hanssen holbyMeanwhile, Adele found herself in need of the services of Selfie to sort out a brain-related problem. The charm-free former CEO managed to use this as a chance to score points against Hanssen and Jesse, and he did his usual trick of prioritising brain over heart (I did wonder why Hanssen didn’t pull rank at this point, as he was clearly uncomfortable with the idea of not having any heart specialists present when Selfie was operating). It all culminated in Mo having to dash in and sort things out. Adele isn’t out of the woods yet, though.

morven sian digby holbyIn AAU, patient of the day was a friend of Serena’s, Sian (Andrée Bernard). She was the sort of woman who defines herself by her sexual allure – she was sporting what we were led to believe was an absolutely stunning pair of surgically modified breasts (typing that sentence has weirdly made me reminisce fondly about Michael Spence) – and she absolutely terrified Digby. In recent weeks he’s been very easily terrified, so it wasn’t long before he was scuttling off to pop some of his pills. Morven almost caught him at it, but not quite. She gave him a talking-to about being more relaxed around patients. “A bit of humour goes a long way,” she told him. In the end, he was able to relax enough to let some of his old Digby brilliance shine through, as he thought of a way they could ensure that Sian continued to wee via the normal route, realising how traumatising the alternative would be for a woman who was actually as insecure (and pill popping) as him.


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9 responses to “Holby City: Hope, faith, camomile tea and doughnuts

  1. Noticed that Elliot Hope was one of the writers this week…

  2. “…we were led to believe was an absolutely stunning pair of surgically modified breasts ”
    Wish we could have judged for ourselves 😉

  3. mrssatan

    Loved Digby’s cheeky comment about Sian’s sex life…

    Bloody Self is at it again… I too wish HH would have said something (or kneed him in the groin, that would’ve worked for me too!)… perhaps he is quietly watching and waiting (or he finds Adele as annoying as the rest of us!!!)

  4. holbybunners

    I have difficulty in sympathising with Adele I’m afraid .. for it was her annoying habit of interfering in other peoples lives that got Clifford there in the first place ..

    Having said that .. it would upset Mo if Adele were permanently affected by the attack so for that ALONE I’m rooting for Adeles complete recovery ..

  5. Last night’s episode left a lot of unfinished business. Will Adele pull through? I think maybe she will be left with life changing injuries and Jesse will rethink their relationship. So for viewers, it is goodbye Adele. Let’s hope Clifford ends up in a body bag and Fletch gets help for him and his kids. I think the story lines are sadly missing Jac, when will she be back with her razor sharp wit?

  6. Sarah

    I used to like Adele – so why can’t I seem to care that she’s at death’s door? Once again it was good to see Hanssen doing some actual medical work but am I the only one who thinks he comes across as a bit unconvincing lately? Like he’s not quite sure what to do with his hands. I dunno, but I feel there is something off about him. Self continues to throttle the drama out of every single scene he appears in.

    I know we’re probably meant to feel sympathy for Arthur too but I’ve always found this version of him (blowing into paper bags – or pill popping as the case is now – and freaking out every time he has to deal with an actual patient) extremely annoying. Socially awkward Arthur? Yes, love him. Snappy useless Arthur? Pass.

    Serena continues to be glorious. And I adore Morven!

  7. I think “Clifford” wasn’t actually Mo’s dad, just as a means of getting dosh for some unknown reason and have done so from the start. He seems very offish with Mo. Did he take Mo’s dad’s ID and he is actually dead? I just seem to get that reason for some explained reason. I would to make a public confession that I adore Ollie!

    • Cate

      I’m not quite sure how that would work, given it wasn’t him but Adele and her mum who fingered him for Mo’s father, and Ina seems to recognise him as the man who knocked her sister up. I think Sue’s assessment of “a bit bad and a lot stupid” seemed fair. To me he came over as genuinely rather proud to have this brilliant woman for a daughter, and I think he felt bad about asking her for the money he needed to buy his nasty cronies off.

      But maybe I’m just biased because I liked his character in Ashes to Ashes, and wept buckets when he came to such a horrible, unkind, end in that.

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