Casualty: It’s in his DNA

casualtyI don’t like the new, superstitious Dylan. I can’t really believe that a few incidents would make a man who has had a lifetime of being rational and sceptical suddenly turn into a super-cautious, talisman-toting mess whenever he sees the number four.

This week it led him to mis-diagnose a schoolgirl, assuming she’d had a reaction to a meningitis vaccine. One quick text from her later and Holby A&E found itself overwhelmed by schoolgirls with various psychosomatic symptoms. Dyan insisted on all of these people being treated as a priority, but everybody else thought he was overreacting. He was. 

jacob connie casualtyIt took Jacob to discover the truth, by means of getting a bit shouty with the girl’s friend and discovering she’d been drinking a spiked “energy drink.”

Getting shouty is part of Jacob’s ‘I’m a maverick, me’ persona. So is calling Connie Beauchamp “Sweet Cheeks.” The first time he tried it she firmly told him he was to address her as “Mrs Beauchamp,” but he did it again later and she just simpered prettily.

max zoe casualty bbcZoe was due to have lunch with Max’s snooty mother Greta (Kazia Pelka), and it didn’t bode well when her dress got covered in sick. Working wonders with the hospital’s laundry facilities, she still turned up at the lunch looking radiant, but this didn’t dazzle Greta enough to deter her from asking pointed questions about her age. Zoe left the lunch in a hurry, convinced that even if age wasn’t a barrier between her and Max, the fact that she can’t have children would be.

max zoe casualtyWhat I love about Max (apart from he’s obviously the prettiest man in the hospital) is that under his cheeky exterior he’s mature, sensible, loyal and loving. Pretty damn near perfect, in fact. He was waiting outside the pub where Zoe and Tess had gone for a consoling glass of red. Max gave Zoe one of his lovely speeches, and she said there was no point because she can’t have children. “What if I said you were more than enough?” he said. “What would you say if I said will you marry me?” “I would say yes,” said Zoe. I don’t mind admitting I had goosebumps.

lily ethan casualtyRomance wasn’t going quite so well for Dr Lily Chao. She managed to ask the man on top of her scientifically-constructed list, Dr Ethan Hardy, out for dinner. He said yes. Then they disagreed over Lily wanting to call social services about a little boy who’d been left in one of the hospital cleaning cupboards. The boy was the son of one of the hospital cleaners, who was only trying to do her best and keep her job. Rather adorably, Jacob persuaded Ethan to discharge the boy before Lily could make the call, and they gave the boy’s mother some money to help her out.

As if this wasn’t enough to derail any budding Lily/Ethan romance, there was an old face back on the scene. The glorious Honey is back!


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5 responses to “Casualty: It’s in his DNA

  1. mrssatan

    What would happen if we locked Dylan and Digby in a cleaning cupboard???

  2. Dreamer

    I was actually surprised to find out Zoe is Pakistani. Yay!
    Re the rest, the stories are a bit too similar to HC right now and it’s a bit eh. At least we have Zax/Zylan/Hethan/Lithan and Mr T/Mo (what’s their ship name anyway?). Oh and there’s no Adele! Though Jacob comes scarily close.

    • wiggles

      MoT obviously!!!

      And PLA agree with you about Max – I too am a little bit (well OK then a lot) in love with him and gave a little cheer at the end of his speech when Zoe said ‘Yes’ (even though I’m now very afraid for the both of them = weddings in Holby never being known to go off without a hitch!!)

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