Holby City: A shock in the shrubbery

holby(Series 17, ep. 41) Digby’s been having a lot of bad shifts recently, and in this episode it culminated in him getting all shouty and unnecessary with a patient. He had to rush out into the balmy night air of the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery to calm down.

What you don’t want to see in these circs is an apparently lifeless hand protruding from said shrubbery, but that’s what Digby saw. It didn’t spur him on to anything resembling doctorly activity, though – he just stood like a panicking plank and left Morven to summon help.

Help for whom, though? 

adele mo holbyCue flashback to several hours earlier, and an entire day of setting Mo up to be the victim of ghastly violence. Clifford was being threatened by the Mr Big of the pharmaceutical van robbing world. If Clifford didn’t come up with cartons of Camoxidan on cue, his beautiful daughter would get hurt. Clifford managed to miss the drugs delivery, then Mo refused to lend him the £10,000 which would have kept him in the clear and her out of danger (she didn’t know that bit). So after that, every time someone tapped Mo on the shoulder, or she was summoned to the car park to look at a cake topper or get balloons (it was Jesse and Adele’s engagement party) it looked like she was in deadly danger.

In a twist, though, it wasn’t Mo but Adele who ended up being bludgeoned in the bushes, by someone who couldn’t tell one Effanga from the next. Despite the lack of early first aid from Digby, Adele was soon being treated to the finest service Holby can offer, with Henrik Hanssen and Serena Campbell operating on her to try and save her life. Did they succeed? We still don’t know – Jesse and Mo are keeping vigil by the bedside as we speak.

essie sacha holbyPLA Jr hasn’t watched Holby for a long while (exams and that), and hadn’t seen Essie before. I explained who she was. “But she looks just like Chrissie,” was her assessment. Acts like her, too. In this episode, Sacha noticed she was “a bit off.” She was quite a lot off, in fact, and has been for a while. She was looking after Ros (Carol Starks), a terminally ill woman, who at one point was trying to line Essie up as a replacement wife for her husband and mother for her children. Ros must have really hated the husband and children. Essie said no to the scheme anyway, because she already had someone and – do you know what? – he just might be “the one.” Everyone knows The One is Keanu Reeves, but nevertheless, Essie is rather fond of Sacha and to show her devotion has taken to copying his tendency to wear shirts that look like wallpaper. Sacha favours florals and Essie likes her geometrics, but the principle’s the same. And she also wants a baby (I told you she’d inform Sacha in due course). Is this going to cause conflict, with Sacha thinking that My Son Daniel, Rachel etc are more than enough of a genetic legacy? 


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29 responses to “Holby City: A shock in the shrubbery

  1. I’m still having sleepless nights about Vince the van driver’s DNR. Please let Mo remember to go and tear it up, in case Vince crashes and another team are on duty!

  2. Your review is far more fun than the actual episode. I was watching my recorded version quite late at night and was almost nodding off in it.

  3. mrssatan

    “Who would want to hurt Adele?” Please tell me I am not the only one who said “Half of the viewers thanks to her appalling character development at the hands of the script writers!” Ok, so I am an evil cow but I really couldn’t bring myself to care what happened to her… the only good side of the storyline was HH in scrubs!!! 😍

    • It was marvellous to see him with a scalpel in his hand again, wasn’t it? I love a man in a suit, but I think I love a man in scrubs even more.

      • mrssatan

        Guy Henry said he was told that he looked like he was carving a roast in scrubs when he operated… he can come round and carve my roast any day – and I’m a vegetarian!!! 😜

  4. Somehow think that Adele is not going to make it. Think she is on her way out, the timing is right, first Tara. Then about two years later it’s Bonnie and here we are two years or so on and the need to write out another character! Can’t think how they could have moved on with her story, any ideas? We should all think ourselves lucky that life doesn’t wipe out people when they get boring! Enjoyed the drama of it all though and love reading your reviews

    • Imagine the script conference for that. “Well, chaps, it’s getting to that time of year again. Who shall we kill?” Then the even more fun discussion: “And how?”

      And thank you for the kind comment! 🙂

    • Cate

      Think I might be even less bothered than Jesse looked, if she doesn’t make it.

      But I have a sneaky feeling she will, because she was giving out all those lukewarm signals about the engagement and commitment running up to the party, that they all seemed blissfully oblivious to. If she dies she won’t get to do her scene with Jesse/ Mo/ whoever ‘splaining what this week’s cold feet are all about. And all the troubled little frowns will be rendered pointless and bereft of dramatic purpose and meaning. Or something like that….

  5. HolbyNut

    Have to say that Essie’s best line of the night was when she saw sick woman’s husband/soon-to-be widower and quipped ‘Can I change my mind?’ He was awfully handsome, in a catalogue-model kind of way. Terminally ill Mum was brilliant.
    Holby-writers – PLEASE fix Diggers. He used to be such a pet, kind to Zosia and a fab doctor. How can that all just have disappeared?
    Finally Mo really could be an interior designer, in a Hello-magazine kind of way! Albies looked fab – the only problem was the improbable couple of Saint Adele and ‘Uncle’ Jesse. Hope they don’t drag this one out.

    • holbybunners

      ” the only problem was the improbable couple of Saint Adele and ‘Uncle’ Jesse. Hope they don’t drag this one out.”

      Well – quite … he didnt look all that bothered about her being in danger of death did he? He had the appearance of someone thinking about other more important things ..

      Am I the only one who likes Essie .. ? Surely she is nothing like “the orange one” as she was termed in the last episode .. who incidentally I thought was in Australia ..

      Great Review as usual though

  6. mrssatan

    It seems that as soon as Sacha gets a woman she becomes psychotic… even more so when they spawn with him… I think Dominic would be a safer bet for him than all these Chrissie clones (who also remind me of Mama Levy)… Oh God, he’s dating his mother… where’s Saucer’s pet psych consultant when we need him?!?

  7. Omg mrssatan you made me laugh with your comment about Guy carving a roast and who’d want to hurt Adele.

    • mrssatan

      Thanks Jane x

      Here is the quote from the interview:

      How was auditioning for the role of Hanssen like?

      You go through quite a long and arduous process of auditions – well I did – where you have to say long sentences, with medical terms and then they take the leap. Particularly for a major character like Hanssen – they put you through hoops and thankfully I was fortunate enough to get the part and then they introduce you quite swiftly – work out what you’re good at as an actor or perhaps what you’re not quite good at!

      I think they’ve got me operating less because I look a right idiot in those, what I call raspberry ripple scrubs! Once they filmed an artistic shot with an actress and in the foreground was my elbow below the scrubs and I couldn’t take my eyes off it! On those shots it seemed to be intruding appalingly in my view and the enjoyment of the scene and I decreed that there was to be no shots of my naked elbow again! Imagine if it got to the knees, that would be a hideous sight! Paul Bradley’s character has a smock on so I asked if I could I have one of those. They didn’t really do a fitting for that so I’ve got a strange voluminous tent like outfit – I think the bare elbow might have been better! But I am a stupid shape, I am very tall and skinny so am difficult to fit.

      In the operating theatre scenes, one thing of many I can’t do is suturing – I look like I’m cutting up roast lamb! They told me it was supposed to look like intricate work and apparently I was raising my sutures up into the air like I was doing some huge restoration! It’s good to have tough directors like that as they make you look better!


      • Re being difficult to fit for scrubs, maybe Amanda Mealing can lend him her wardrobe person. Connie’s Casualty scrubs fit like the proverbial glove.

      • mrssatan

        I always wonder if her scrubs are fitted like they allegedly do for fashion shoots; safety pins and bulldog clips out of sight to make the clothes fit the models… Or perhaps they sew her into them?!? My bigger concerns are infection control for her and Zoe as they wear their own clothes and health & safety with regard to those killer heels they both wear… not forgetting a shift in heels must be agony

  8. Diggers was all of a dither when he first joined Holby. I am sure there was an episode with Chantelle suggesting he blows into a bag for his anxiety.
    I agree though I wish the script writers would sort his character out, it seems to have changed very quickly.

  9. Thunderchild

    If Saint Adele pulls through someone should remind her that she’s the one responsible for bringing Clifford to Holby in the first place!

  10. holbybunners

    There was more than one episode with a dithering Diggers and he was responsible for the accident where Chantelle nearly lost her life and Malick lost an arm .. and all through dithering ..

    He improved for a bit though – seemingly as he gained in confidence in his new role.

    For some reason now he has reverted to his old self ..

    • mrssatan

      It all seems a bit “random”… usually there is a catalyst but Diggers just seems to have gone off the rails for no reason… if it were something out of work surely Saucer and Dom would have picked up on it

  11. Nicola

    Great review! I wonder what the writers were thinking when they decided to make Digby all panicky. I wish they would sort it out. It’s awfully unrealistic to have a doctor so lost and confused. Kind of fed up with Jesse too. He was a bit sexists saying ‘shave your legs’ for the engagement party. I mean honestly, do real anesthetists (sp) actually behave like he does…? Essie’s a replacement Chrissie. Annoying. I love Mo, she brings light and fun to her role but somehow can still be taken seriously. The best bit of the night was Serena and Henrik in surgery together. Lovely. Personally I don’t mind Guy flashing his elbows or his knees. I think he looks great in scrubs. 🙂

    • mrssatan

      True Nicola; don’t know about you but I’m still recovering from the little flash of tum that we got when HH was shot in the stomach with a nail gun by Nick who was holding him hostage! ☺️

  12. Joy

    I have spent the most marvellous few minutes reading all these blogs, love it and love Holby too, ha we must all be nuts but why not if it makes us happy. I must add when Henrik came back on the screen I clapped my hands in glee, I just get this warm rush of excitement! Shame I never experienced any like this when I was in hospital for over 5 weeks last year, must request Holby if I ever choose and book again!

    • mrssatan

      Henrik Hanssen available on the NHS? Hmmm, how many of us would sign up for a course of that!?! Hope you are fully fit now Joy

  13. holbycitylover

    Found this episode a little boring and it didn’t have Ollie but I loved the line from Zosia and Guy!!!:) Not really mad that Adele got beat up, maybe Jesse and his hat could get beat up too!!

  14. I only had one problem with this episode, which is the fact that the Adele scenario is a little bit predictable, and lets face it, its happened far too soon after the Harry storyline in my opinion. Do they really want to be trying a similar storyline in such a short space of time after that??? Enjoyed the episode, was just that one little thing that really bugged me, I hope they give it a slightly different twist this time around…

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