Casualty: Man in a vest

jacob rita connie casualty(Series 29, ep.40) Jacob Masters. He’s got one of those names – like Guy Self – that describes his character. Masterful. Dominant. He strode through Holby A&E in a vest, all muscular and arrogant, issuing orders left, right and centre even though his only obvious qualification was that he’d walked in with an unconscious woman over his shoulder. Before long he had Connie Beauchamp simpering at him like a love-struck girlie and offering him a job as a nurse.

As luck would have it, he is a nurse, so at least he’s qualified other than being all buff and that. But whose side will he be on? Connie thinks he’s going to be on Team Connie, but he told Rita that “nurses stick together” and he’ll be so much more effective as the “eyes in the back of Rita’s head” because Connie thinks he’s on her side.

Frankly I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, which isn’t very far because he’s a man mountain. He seems far too manipulative for one thing – by the end of the episode he already seemed to know a little something about everybody – and he’s a maverick with a capital M. Those types are always trouble.

In other news, Cal is struggling with his revision for the consultants’ exam, but Tess is helping him. Max’s mother is coming to stay and Zoe is not best pleased (but I’m looking forward to that encounter). Dr Lily Chao perked up when Ethan brushed past her, so I’m guessing he’s still top of her eligibility list. And Dylan is still superstitious about the number four.


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14 responses to “Casualty: Man in a vest

  1. mrssatan

    I wouldn’t employ Jacob Masters either. Trouble is going to be his middle name. He was so rude and confrontational that you just know he’s going to stir things up… he and Guy Self are two peas in a pod – they really believe their own publicity!

  2. Collins1965

    I don’t trust him either – I hate it when these new characters come in so full of themselves, I never take to them, even after the writers see sense and tone them down a bit.

    I am worried about Dylan – he seems to be going the same way as Diggers in Holby. Not good.

  3. Mr Donnelly

    Did we need to see so many close-ups of Karen’s bum as Jacob was lifting her to hospital?

  4. Jeremy C

    PLA, did you ever review the last Waterloo Road episode?

    • I didn’t, due to some personal circumstances around the time it was on. I’ve just had a look and it’s on YouTube, so I’ll try and get it done soon for the sake of completeness! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Collins1965

    And another thing – is it just me that thinks that the Connie of old would have chewed Jacob up and spat him out rather than simpering over him?? I really dislike her character development on Casualty.

  6. Agree. The old Connie would have seen straight through him. She might have had him washed and brought to her tent, however.

  7. mrssatan

    Is she really that desperate to get her leg over that she’ll ignore character flaws bigger than the Grand Canyon???

    • holbybunners

      I am, however, wondering if Connie is looking for a new Baby Father ? I seem to remember the same glint in her eye when she recruited Sam Strachan for that role.

      Having misplaced one child .. there must be a slot free now for a replacement ..

      • But why would she do that, considering she’s made it perfectly clear that she cares more about her job than the one child that she already has. I’m not so sure she’s the type of character who would want to have more than one child, for precisely that reason…

  8. Cate

    He and Rita should get on great, both being veterans of the new “turn up with the person who causes your roof to fall in” induction protocol, now apparently becoming standard for new recruits. Does this reflect the rather maverick approach to hiring and firing in Holbty’s HR dept, or does no-one on the programme script team have a memory longer than a goldfish?

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