Holby City: Fletch’s life of crime

fletch digby holby(Series 17, ep.40) I wouldn’t have wanted to have been a patient on AAU last night. The most senior doctor and nurse available were both bundles of nerves and distractedness.

In Digby’s case, I’m still not exactly sure what’s the matter with him. He did say that Morven is “driving him mad,” plus he was super-keen not to have to summon on-call back up, who happened to be Connie Beauchamp (Morven thinks with that name Connie must be like a little mouse nibbling cheese. She’ll learn). During a day spent totally ignoring the machines when they went beep and staring into space with a look of terror, Digby mentioned a time when he was the cause of an accident which really hurt someone he loved. Is the car crash that he, Hanssen, Malick and Chantelle were involved in still haunting him? I need to know, because he’s popping pills and he’s just not himself. 

fletch holbyFletch is still himself, in the sense that he’s a very good and competent nurse and a loving father, etc etc. He isn’t a criminal, but he is desperate for cash, so he was going along with Clifford’s scheme to rob a drugs delivery van. This was bad enough when Fletch thought the drugs were going to the needy and the van driver was the unpleasant Alan, but when he found out the drugs were going to the criminal underworld and the driver was the pleasant Vince (Ray MacAllan) – who even offered to help Fletch out with some money – Fletch just couldn’t do it. He thinks that’s the end of it now, but Clifford’s already had a warning kicking from the crims and there’s certainly more trouble heading Fletch’s way.

essie holbyMaybe he should think of promotion, which is exactly what was on Essie’s mind this week, when she wasn’t bitching about Chrissie (with her on that one) and being self-righteous about a patient. She went for an interview for the role of Transplant Coordinator, but she wasn’t very well prepared because Sacha never passes on her post so she didn’t know about the interview, and she’d only brought a pair of jeans that Chrissie’s “My Son Daniel” had scribbled on. The best part of the interview was when she got a phone call. “I’m being harassed by a satsuma,” she explained to Hanssen. “Sister Williams, I presume?” he replied.

The thing is, I’m convinced Essie is turning into a less orange version of Chrissie herself, in the sense that she has a rather superior, condescending, bossy manner with people in general and Sacha in particular. This annoys me even when she’s supposed to be right, as she was in this episode. It doesn’t annoy Hanssen, though, who finds her very convincing and gave her the job after she pitched herself to him again.

jesse adele holbyShe’s not a million miles away, personality-wise, from Adele Effanga and her million skills and “You know I’m right, babe” attitude. Maybe it’s a double case of opposites attract, because Jesse, like Sacha, is rather laid back and calm. He was a bit less calm when Adele forged his signature on a petition because she was convinced her opinion was right and his was wrong. I think we were supposed to side with Adele, but if I was Jesse I’d be packing my surf board and heading for Anywhere But Holby about now.

Next week: Digby finds something upsetting in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery


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17 responses to “Holby City: Fletch’s life of crime

  1. I was confused by the money in the car crash patient’s card that Fletch pocketed. Was it supposed to be a moment of temptation?

  2. mrssatan

    Holby seems precariously close to stumbling permanently in the realms of impossibility and improbability. Adele and Essie are irritating; Sacha and Jesse need to grow a pair; Fletch and Clifford just aren’t believable; and Digby seems to have gone off the rails completely for no apparent reason. Then we have Henrik; as much as I love him they need to do something more with him. Looming and quipping can only go so far…

    • Nicola

      I totally agree. It’s getting a bit silly and unbelievable and that’s a real shame because I love this show, and Henrik needs more, but so also does Serena needs more too. She hilarious and a wonderful character and she’s being under-used. I do hope the BBC read these comments!

  3. Barbara

    I am with you, Mrssatan…. I missed Casualty noir but heard about it and wondered if this was another of the same.
    Adele should probably go off and be a missionary (or whatever the present equivalent is). I don’t care what Essie does because she is not a remotely rounded character – and is turning Sacha into a complete pillock. Lord knows what they’ve done to Serena but it isn’t remotely credible…
    I’ve never cared much for Fletch and he and Clifford (who we’d never heard of till the other day) seem to be morphing into a sort of pharmaceutical Del Boy and Boycie – enough….
    Arfur, Darren and Zosia – we’re supposed to believe they’re doctors?
    Let’s hope this is a (very) brief interval before they bring back, eg, Ric, Jac, Jonny – for starters.

    • Nicola

      I agree about Arthur, Darren and Zosia too. They’re caricatures and I can’t take them or their behavior seriously at all. We need more Henrick, Serena, Rik, Jac and Jonny. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. holbybunners

    Great review .. as per usual!

    I think that the situation referred to by Diggers WAS the car crash .. for he was day dreaming about Chantelle when he actually crashed the car. Not only that but he was not exactly on the ball when Malick was pulling someone from a vehicle – and Diggers was supposed to help. Malick then received the injury which resulted in the loss of his hand.

    In fact Diggers seems to be in a day dream most of the time … and NOT a medic you would want caring for you in a life threatening situation I think.

    Hmmm – I like Essie in spite of her bossiness for she does have some claim to medical expertise and recognised that the Mum was not doing her son any good. Adele on the other hand irritates me .. and why Big Sister Mo takes notice of anything she says – beats me

  5. Emma Chaplin

    Doubting Diggers definitely irritating. He was billed as a Great Doctor, and he’s very likeable, but he’s almost always been a bit of a crap one quite honestly. And as for the job-letter-going-astray story, that’s also crap. They email interview dates these days.

  6. Not long watching the episode here in Scotland. What is it Diggers is popping? I am trying to read the packet LOL. I agree there with him, he’s just not on his game and AAU is not an environment suitable for him, but that is the point of the story, being overwhelmed.

    • Maybe it’s a reappearance of Eddi’s drug of choice, the fictional Camoxidan. As I recall, the chief side effects are trembling hands, sweating, and a tendency to melodrama. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Digby.

  7. Lizzo

    The preview clip on the Holby site on bbc.co.uk indicates a little more meaningful Henrik action next week!!

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