Holby City: He has a good heart

ollie zosia holby(Series 17, ep.39) O. Negative has finally started to veer back into the positive (neutral, at least), and it’s all thanks to a rather wonderful combination of Elliot, Hanssen, Mr T, Zosia and especially a lovely patient called Jade (Anna Krippa).

The day didn’t start well for him. Does Zosia really not know about his dead Chinese wife? Was she being entirely thick asking him about his Chinese tattoos, or is she just distracted by Slimy Seb? Either way, she and Ollie were soon sparring away like a proper rom com couple. He hasn’t had that much fun since Jac Naylor had him juggling coins. 

oliver holbyThe glorious Mr T (Mr T!!!) was required for a consult when patient of the week Jade said she had period-style cramps. He diagnosed fibroids, and then there was a stand-off between him and Ollie about which bit of Jade should be treated first to give her the best chance of (a) survival and (b) the ability to have children. Mr T pulled rank, which was a rather fabulous thing to behold, but it was Jade herself who convinced Ollie to take her childbearing future as seriously as her heart. She also got him, for the first time, to talk about Tara, with whom he liked to share a Twirl (it’s chocolate) for elevenses. “It was the best part of the working day, seeing her smile,” he said. Bless.

Elliot told Zosia about Tara and Penny, and in her heavy-handed way she told Ollie she was available if he ever wanted to talk. “Never have, never will,” he snapped, his defences all back up – but then he went to find her in Albie’s. And they were starting to get a bit close, too, till Slimy Seb turned up. Darn you, Slimy Seb!

hanssen elliot holbyOllie left them to it and went back up to the ward to check on Jade and enjoy a little Twirl (it’s chocolate) on his own. On seeing this, Hanssen permitted himself an enigmatic smile, because despite his scary Scandinavian exterior he likes his staff to be happy.

Line of the week was Hanssen’s reply to Elliot (the whole scene between the two of them at the beginning was beautiful), who said that Oliver kept himself to himself these days. “You see this as some kind of issue, do you?” said Hanssen, flying the flag for introverts everywhere.

You couldn’t accuse Dominic of being an introvert. He probably gets it from his mum, who has now got herself a job in Pulses. You know how gossip rages around Pulses. It wasn’t long before Carole was fully up to speed on the Malick/Dominic situation. Dominic’s patient was Mandy (Josie Walker), who seemed ever so nice but turned out to be someone who specialises in “curing” gayness. This brought out the tiger mother in Carole, who was furious on her son’s behalf. Dominic, however, showed a lot of self-restraint and maturity in rising above it all. Sacha was almost as proud of him as Carole was.

digby dominic carole holbyDigby topped off a difficult day by getting home to find Carole and Dominic in matching onesies in front of the telly – but worse than that, Carole had tidied Digby’s bedroom and put all his little soldier figures away. He’d just got them in proper battle formation as well. Ouch.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Digby. He’s having panic attacks and easily feels undermined in a way he didn’t on Keller, even despite AAU being a rather nurturing environment these days. Is it because Morven hero-worships him and he can’t live up to it? Not sure, but I’m worried about him.

fletch holbyMeanwhile, Fletch and the little Fletchlings have been evicted and eventually found themselves sleeping in the hospital basement (watch out for serial killers, scalpel-wielding maniacs and the remnants of Sacha’s furniture). It’s a desperate situation and it’s led to desperate measures – Fletch has told Clifford (whose apparent niceness has actually been a type of grooming) that he will get involved in his planned crime.

Next time: Fletch isn’t really suited to a life of crime; and it looks like we may be seeing more of Essie’s “Chrissie face.”


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5 responses to “Holby City: He has a good heart

  1. mrssatan

    After watching an interview with Guy, who said that Paul always made him laugh, I was waiting for HH and Elliot to have a scene together like the one we saw last night… I wonder how many takes were involved 😀

  2. wiggles

    Love Carole (more of her please!!), love Dominic (and couldn’t imagine ever saying that when he first came back!!) but am wondering what they’ve done with his ever so slightly psycho side, love Hanssen although do wonder how he seems to know everything about everyone (why should Oli eating a Twirl make him smile enigmatically) and am with you on the puzzlement over Saucer not knowing about the sainted Tara and her untimely demise (hospital gossip mills obviously aren’t what they were in my day!!), and goes without saying that I love Mr T (Mr T!!!!) and was especially proud of him when he pulled rank (although then couldn’t understand why he didn’t seem to follow that through and be at Jade’s side extolling the virtues of doing things his was, as Oli was [doing it HIS way – heart trumps babies] at the start). Am also worried about Arthur and his seeming regression to panic-stricken clutz – and REALLY do not like the self-medication thing he had going on (apart from anything else someone could get in to serious trouble if there are drugs trolley drugs that can’t be accounted for). Also, am confused by Clifford who seems like a genuine Jekyll and Hyde character – was REALLY not a fan when he had a dig at our wonderful Derwood and obviously don’t approve off him leading Fletch astray but there were moments yesterday when he seemed to be being genuinely nice just because – hmmmm????

  3. HolbyNut

    Hate Clifford! Boo! Poor Fletch.
    Loved seeing a glimmer of the old Ollie and purlease, are we really expected to think that Zosia would fall for Seb over Mr V???
    Also, Holby writers, please don’t let anything bad happen to Diggers – we are so fond of him and love him when he’s brilliant and happy.

  4. Cate

    Perhaps someone can help – this has been niggling me for a while. Why exactly is Fletch so broke? He’s given up the gambling. Even though he’s only recently at ward manager level, he should be Grade 7 NHS pay scale, so he’s on a 30 grand plus salary.

    With four kids he’s also getting getting £60 a week in Child Benefit. At least two of them (I think maybe three) are at school, so he doesn’t have to pay for full time care for them, and he should be entitled to childcare subsidy, which should help a bit.

    He’s not living in London, but he can’t afford a relatively modest flat, and buy them the basics? And if his salary really wouldn’t run to that, surely he could claim housing benefit, even if he does think a hospital corridor and descent into criminality is preferable to a trip to the Local Authority Housing Office, and either bed & breakfast, or Holby social housing?).

    What’s he spending it all on? Does he have crippling debts or something going back to before Natalie’s death, that he can’t shake off? When he was on a staff nurse’s salary, and was supporting Natalie as well as the kids, having holidays, covering the upkeep of a nice house etc, it was much more believable that he was struggling. The Fletchlings can’t eat that much, can they?

    Yeah, I know the answer is he’s broke because they wanted to do this storyline, but this level of abject poverty is really not making much sense.

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