Casualty: Belief is a powerful medicine

dylan casualty(Series 29, ep.38) Dylan has been left quite unsettled about the recent number of deaths on his watch. He shouldn’t be too despondent – I remember not so long ago there was a fuss about Dr Zoe Hanna being the top doctor for losing patients – but the reason for that turned out to be that she was the one who took the most difficult patients in the first place.

Dylan is a very rational person so he should work this out, but this week a brush with a “holistic practitioner” (played by Tony Hirst, Eileen’s fireman boyfriend off of Corrie) may be about to make him worryingly superstitious. He discovered that all the people who died were treated in bay 4, and according to Eileen’s fireman, 4 is an unlucky number and means death. Normally Dylan would greet this information with the skepticism and sarcasm he employed for most of the episode, but for some reason even though the therapist’s snake oil turned out to be aspirin, Dylan’s grip on rational thinking has been a bit loosened. 

ethan casualtyNo wonder Dr Lily Chao has crossed him off her list of potential boyfriends – quite literally. Current front runner for her affections is Ethan, and in that she displays excellent taste and judgement.

Lily’s opinion on the unit we must call “Zax” was that it was “heart over head ill-matched coupling,” and for much of the episode it seemed she was right. Max was still sleeping in his car and being stubborn. At the end, Zoe decided if she couldn’t beat him she’d join him, and got in the car as well. That worked a treat and they were soon heading back to their flat. They probably still need to address the underlying issues, though.

Charlie also employed the “if you can’t beat them, join them,” approach when he finally tracked down waste-of-skin son Louis. Catching him just about to inject heroin, Charlie said if he didn’t stop, Charlie would take some himself. After a bit of a tense standoff, Louis put the needle aside and collapsed sobbing into his father’s arms. Again.

robyn casualtyMeanwhile, is the Zach/Robyn affair over before it really began? Robyn just wasn’t feeling a spark, not even in a flat full of the masses of flickering candles and fairy lights that Casualty set people are so fond of. I can see Robyn’s point – although Zach is what Jo the Hat would call “technically handsome,” he does have strangely bouffant hair and a slightly creepy niceness about him. He seemed to take being dumped quite well, but I can’t help thinking we haven’t seen the last of him. What’s it going to be – stalking and a secret room with photos of Robyn plastered over the walls? Or something a bit more subtle?

Next time: A visit from Henrik Hanssen!


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3 responses to “Casualty: Belief is a powerful medicine

  1. Jeremy C

    Though Lily could have done worse- she had Guy Selfish on her list! Guy!

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