Holby City: Pinkie promise

morven digby holby(Series 17, ep.38) There was so much to love about this episode that I hardly know where to start – we had Mr T (Mr T!!!) manning up, Dominic’s mum flirting with Selfie, and the best new character debut for ages.

Dr Morven Shreve (Eleanor Fanyinka) is the new character. She’s on AAU and she could easily have been another “more book learning than people skills” type. She arrived all nervous, but as soon as her scrubs were on she was spouting medical terms like she was born to it. But she does have her own quirky way with people, too. She knows when a patient needs a hand to hold, and when a mentor (Digby) is in need of a bit of support himself. She’s clumsy, funny and entirely adorable. 

holby AAUAAU is brilliant at the moment. Raf wasn’t even in this episode and there was still more than enough goodness to spare, what with Fletch and his school-shy daughter Evie, the glorious Serena (key advice this week: “Never ignore the build-up of limescale”), the aforementioned and always good value Digby, and new nurse Cara.

mr t holbyDarwin was also considerably enlivened by the return of Mo from her stay in Chicago. Absence seems to have made the heart grow even fonder for Mr T, and he planned a welcome home party for her. Mo’s dad Clifford has taken against Mr T, because he’s not alpha male enough. But when Tosh from EastEnders (Rebecca Scroggs) required an emergency caesarean, it’s hard not to go misty eyed at the man with the skills to get a baby born safely. Mo was suitably impressed.

mr t holby cityMr T had a go at asking Mr Oliver Valentine for romantic advice, and received a suitably bleak and bitter response. Indeed I’m coming to the conclusion that O. Negative is actually an android who’s being remotely controlled by Jac Naylor from an underground bunker somewhere in the Wyvernshire countryside.

Despite this, Mr T is not going to give up on Mo easily, and he found the backbone to man up to Clifford in a rather wonderful scene. Clifford got the last word, though, when later on in Albie’s Mr T was just about to kiss Mo and Clifford beckoned her over and ruined the moment. Poor Mr T.

dominic holbyDominic’s day started quite well, till he spotted something bright pink in Pulses. It was his mother, Carole (Julia Deakin), and she was rather marvellous, albeit in a totally embarrassing way for a man who’s tried so hard to build his “Dominic” image and leave his “Darren” years behind. Despite promising to stay quietly in the staff room, Carole was soon out and about on the wards, giving head massages to brain patients and cupcakes to people who were supposed to be nil by mouth. Best of all, she told Selfie he looked “more like James Bond than a real doctor.” I’m hoping next week we’ll find out what she makes of Hanssen.


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2 responses to “Holby City: Pinkie promise

  1. I do hope Carole gets a job at Holby, maybe in the mobile Pulses cafe that Honey used to operate?! I’m liking Dom more and more…

  2. HolbyNut

    Agree PLA. Loved seeing more of Diggers in this episode and his new side-kick is, as you say, adorable.
    When did Clifford get so nasty? And against Mr T? Like seriously, who couldn’t like Mr T? Definitely due for a come-uppance and then Mo can fall into the arms of the man who has always been there for her (though I still can’t forget that he was the rather-less-nice Lewis in Hollyoaks!)

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