Casualty: Over-worked and under-intoxicated

dylan casualty(Series 29, ep.37) The BBC Casualty website informed us that “Dylan has another bad day,” so I wasn’t expecting a happy outcome for his patient (a woman, Anne, whose husband had dementia and whose son didn’t seem all that bothered). As it turned out, the story was rather sweet, but very sad. The woman died – due to carbon monoxide poisoning, rather than the car crash she’d been involved in. Dylan failed to spot the carbon monoxide poisoning, hence it being another bad day for him. The husband with dementia, Clive, was played by George Layton (previously a TV medic himself), and his portrayal of Clive’s confusion and distress in his old age was really poignant to watch. The story didn’t end entirely negatively – Clive’s son finally stepped up to the task of looking after his father, and turned out to be rather nice after all. 

casualtySomeone else who was nice with Clive was Max, who for most of the episode had the job of pushing Clive around the car park and keeping him calm and amused. There’s so much more to Max than being a porter – I love how he always has a clever reply when Dylan is trying to outsmart him, and how it’s often Max’s sharp thinking that solves a problem (as in realising that they could track down Clive’s son using the sat nav on Anne’s car). Zoe appreciates all this, as well as his other fine qualities – but she’s still under-estimating his male pride as far as the problem of the difference in their earning power is concerned. This led to an argument and he slept in the car. I seriously hope this is just a temporary setback.

cal casualtyCal had a temporary setback, but his was resolved within the episode. The news of the death of last week’s star fundraiser, Matt, plus a nasty case involving a mother giving her daughter tapeworms as a dieting solution (the sight of the tapeworm emerging from her nose would have been enough to put anyone off tagliatelle carbonara for life) all made Cal have a bit of a crisis. He was going to walk off, throwing in the towel as he did so, but then changed his mind and paid a visit to Connie Beauchamp. He wants to work towards being a consultant, he told her. She raised a gloriously groomed eyebrow, but is taking him seriously.

Charlie, meanwhile, was at home with his waste-of-skin son Louis, who’s been locked in the attic since last week. I’m guessing it’s the attic because it’s got camping equipment and attic-y things in it, as well as Louis. Tess popped over with some shopping and sent Charlie to have a lie down, because the poor man was looking so worn out his eyes couldn’t focus properly. No change there, then. And no surprise that as soon as Charlie’s unfocused eyes were closed and Tess had turned her back for a moment, Louis was off out of the door. I expect poor Dixie will have him to scrape out of a gutter next week.

zach casualtyAnd just where is the Robyn/Zach story heading? She’s properly besotted with him (Dr Lily Chao is literally taking notes on the success of Robyn’s “aggressive approach”), but he looked a tad annoyed when Cal was showing Robyn his cheeky picture from last week that he was going to put in a fundraising auction. Is Zach going to go stalkery and weird? Run, Robyn, run!


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4 responses to “Casualty: Over-worked and under-intoxicated

  1. fredpipes

    I’m not being horrid about Robyn, but Zach’s definitely got something in mind, might be just nationality via marriage or maybe something more sinister… And how is Max ever going to be happy with Zoe earning tons more than he ever will?

  2. Jeremy C

    PLA, are you a #zax fan then?

    • I am! I’ve always loved Zoe and she deserves to be dating the prettiest man in the hospital. And I like how Max isn’t just a pretty face, but he’s clever and sweet as well.