Holby City: The good that comes from being in hospital

elliot holby(Series 17, ep.37 ) It’s heartening to see that Henrik Hanssen hasn’t given up being enigmatic. This week he communicated some staffing advice to Elliot Hope via the medium of a children’s book about a gorilla, and a strategically presented banana. This was far more subtle than saying, “Prof. Hope, I really think you ought to be paying more attention to Dr Zosia March,” though being less subtle might have avoided Elliot having to spend so long pondering the meaning of the gift – time he could have spent paying more attention to Dr Zosia March.

seb zosia holbyZosia had a deeply annoying patient and the patient’s even more annoying sister to deal with. They were convinced they were both afflicted by a fictional parasitic worm disease, and this was preventing the woman agreeing to treatment for a real heart problem. Dr Oliver Valentine – who is now Mr Oliver Valentine, if you please – wanted to take the direct approach, which was basically to bang heads together, and I was with him on that one. Anyway, what was needed was a Psych consult from new Psych guy Seb “Call me Seb” Coulter, who is going to be popping up everywhere now, just like when we had Psych Sharon. He’s an “arrogant narcissist” according to Zosia, and we must believe her because she’s read all the Psych text books. He also has a flashy little car which he drives wearing driving gloves to keep the smell of ciggies off his hands. Doesn’t that sound attractive? Zosia thinks so, anyway, and he’s asked her out, so she may get to find out even more about him. She was a bit worried that getting into an emotional entanglement could set her health back, but Dig and Dom delightfully reassured her that this wasn’t the case. She also got the fake parasite woman to admit that she’d been using the fake parasite illness as a bit of an emotional crutch (there was some kind of brains-speak going on there, but it was even more subtle than the gorilla book and the banana). Zosia is “the good that comes from being in hospital,” apparently.

jesse holbyThe same can’t really be said for her father, who continues to be odious even though he isn’t the CEO any more. He’s a very good brain surgeon, but I really didn’t need the down-the-throat view of his through-the-mouth brain surgery. Ugh. What Selfie needed for that surgery was a top class anaesthetist, and by various means he managed to get Jesse (the only anaesthetist in the hospital who actually speaks, so you know he’s the best). Hanssen is glad of this because he’s hoping Jesse can keep Selfie in check.

clifford holbyHanssen is “seeing rogue elements everywhere,” and I think he might need to turn his attention to AAU very soon, because Mo’s hitherto fairly genial dad Clifford is turning out to be a bit of a villain. He got quite nasty with Fletch at one point. Fletch has only dipped his toe into a life of crime so far, but he wants out because he’s basically a Good Bloke. But will Clifford let him?

Back to Darwin again, and fans of the double-headed entity known as “Janny” will have been thrilled to see Rosie Marcel’s and Michael Thomson’s names on the cast list. They appeared in Elliot’s office via the medium of the interweb, as Elliot apparently makes a point of having cosy family chats with them when he should be paying attention to Zosia. They’re looking very well, I must say – though domestic harmony seems to have made Jac far too relaxed and smiley. She needs to get back to work very soon before she forgets how to be horrible. That would never do.


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6 responses to “Holby City: The good that comes from being in hospital

  1. mrssatan

    I enjoyed this episode as Henrik was at his enigmatic best (thanks for the loan of the phrase Sue), and I loved his interaction with Prof Hope… the banana had me laughing until I cried.

    We had quite a tour of the infamous parts of the hospital; the window, the staircase, the basement, the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery (I need a list of all your wonderful names as that is the only one I can remember)… in fact the only place we didn’t visit was the chapel!

    I keep looking at Clifford and all I can think is “Viv, DCI Gene Hunt would be so disappointed in you!” 😕

    When did Dr V become Mr?!? Is the next step a sainthood like Adele’s??? Talking of the sainted one, I think she and Jesse will soon be calling off their engagement if he keeps dancing to Selfie’s tune… Jesse is trapped between two massive egos there and I don’t envy him one bit.

    Not looking forward to next week… Why do the BBC insist on mothers calling their gay sons ‘sausage’??? First Linda in Eastenders and now Dom’s mum in Holby… *shudders*


  2. holbybunners

    Glad you explained the “Gorilla Book” enigma Sue because I had not got that AT ALL for it was much too subtle for me! Even Elliot didnt get it at first for he skyped Jac and Jonny – thinking it was them.

    I don’t even remember the bit about the banana – was that at the “Window of Regret”?

    Must pay more attention in future ..

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