Casualty: Tough love

charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.36) Charlie’s waste of skin son Louis is a handful. No sooner was Charlie’s back turned than Louis had summoned a dealer, acquired some drugs and was found in a toilet cubicle about to inject them into himself. Earlier on a patient had died in the department of a heroin overdose, and it would be callous to say Charlie used this as a handy learning resource for Louis, but that’s what happened – there’s nothing like having your face shoved at a corpse while your normally placid dad goes all shouty at you (“It’s take your son to work week!”), to make you reconsider your life’s goals. Louis had a bit of a cry and asked his dad to help him, so Charlie took him home and locked him in the kind of room serial killers generally keep their victims in while they wait for Robson Green or Idris Elba to track them down. I don’t think Robson or Idris will be visiting Charlie any time soon, but Connie and Tess might pop round with flowers and/or soup (probably not soup, in Connie’s case, unless she has a hamper delivered from Fortnum’s), because they’re both worried about Charlie. 

One of the two main patient stories this week involved a car crash, in which a baby was taken from the crashed car by a woman who wasn’t its mother. The woman who took the baby, Suzy, had lost her own baby a few weeks before after years of IVF. I always wonder about these storylines – surely if you lose a baby you don’t think just any baby will do? You’d want your own, not a random replacement. I’ll just have to have faith in the Casualty writers and researchers on that one. Regardless, it was a sad story – particularly the scene where Dixie talked Suzy (Lisa Kay) into giving the baby back.

Women on soaps (and men too – see this week’s Holby) apparently only have to hold a baby for five minutes and they get all broody. Dixie has already printed off an adoption application from th’internet.

I don’t know if parenthood is in Cal’s plans, and neither does Cal – he’s worried because he doesn’t have plans. No girlfriend, no home of his own, no proper career path. This existential crisis was thrown up by the other patient of the week, Matt (Jordan Bolger). He was a young man who only had a very short time to live and was determined to raise a lot of money for charity, because he didn’t want to die without leaving a legacy that would make people remember him. Cal thought Matt was a bit of a tosser to begin with, but as time went on he started to understand him more and by the end helped him to raise the money he needed by giving him the idea to get an exclusive photo of the lost baby being returned, and selling it to the newspapers.

One little side issue – did anyone else notice Cal and Connie getting a bit flirtatious with each other when she said, “Appropriateness has never been a problem for you”?

And in other news, Robyn bored everybody senseless talking about new boyfriend Zach, so we absolutely know that’s not going to turn out well.


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5 responses to “Casualty: Tough love

  1. Please let Zachary stay in somehow. He is serious eye candy.

  2. mrssatan

    Casualty using the Eastenders method of drug rehabilitation… it’s all going to end in tears

  3. Eilis

    Please no to Cal and Connie. I’d be glad to see the back of him. No redeeming features whatsoever for me there!

    Also, would Amanda Mealing be pregnant by any chance.?There seem to be quite a few shots of her behind a desk, with papers in front of her etc. Perhaps just my imagination.

  4. thunderchild

    Not the most exciting of episodes and the set up with Dixie was very farfetched even by Casualty’s standards. There was a two-part story quite a few years ago (when Selena came back?) that did the abducted/missing child story much more effectively – I remember it being quite harrowing actually.

    To be I got the impression they might be setting up a Louise/Cal romance which would at least give her something to do – there is quite a lot of deadwood characters at the moment (Lofty, Big Mac, Noel and to a lesser extent even Tess) but surely Louise is the most pointless character ever.

  5. Dreamer

    Charlie and his son bore me as much as the ladies being made to go all gaga over babies.

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