Holby City: New girls on every ward

dominic mr t holby(Series 17, ep.36) There was a new female face on each ward in this episode. Darwin had Zosia March, newly redeployed from Keller. AAU had new nurse Cara Martinez, and Keller had a baby girl.

The baby got the best welcome, her first glimpse of the outside world being Mr T (MR T!!!) and Dominic, whose dominic holbyreaction at a forced glimpse of birthing lady parts was a delicate “Eurgh!” It hasn’t put the lad off, though – he went back for a cuddle of the baby once the new arrival (middle name: Dominique – bless!) had had a bath and was looking more human. Is he getting broody? Possibly, but he’s still queasy about lady parts, resisting Mr T’s attempts to beckon him to a life in Obs & Gynae. Aside from Dominic, is Essie getting broody? Who knows? Presumably Sacha will be informed in due course. 

oliver holbyOn Darwin, Dr Oliver Valentine was being even more O. Negative than usual, thanks to it being Tara’s “anniversary.” It must have been her birthday, because she died in April so it wasn’t that anniversary. Anyway, he bought her a flower which he was going to place in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, where they got married on that lovely day of fairy lights and smiliness.

zosia holbyHe hardly smiles at all these days, and his voice is different too. It’s got a harsh edge to it that it didn’t used to have. Maybe having to work with a soul even more tortured than he is would make him cheer up? But no. The very sight of Dr Zosia March made him go even grumpier. Their first operation together didn’t go at all well, when Zosia made a slip with the sternum saw (we’ve all done it) and made a bit of a mess. She redeemed herself later, but by then she’d caused all sorts of aggravation by getting typically too involved with an ethically tricky patient situation.

Will it be a classic Mills and Boon case of Ollie and Zosia hating each other on sight (he has “no warmth or empathy” according to Zosia) only to fall in love a bit further down the line? Possibly. They’re being given every opportunity anyway because Prof Hope wants them to carry on being a team.

jesse adele holbyA team rather like Jesse and Adele (who couldn’t wait to remind Zosia that Jesse is her fiance, just in case Zosia had any Ideas). Jesse booked a surprise weekend to Paris, because he’s never one to shy away from a romantic cliché. We discovered that Adele failed her nursing degree module (shocking under normal circumstances because of her being Saint Adele of the Many Skills, but we have to remember she’s not been well) and preferred to stay at home and revise for resits.

Finally to AAU, where Lucy Mottica was back for her face improving surgery. I’m pleased to report she’s back to being quite snarly again. Raf was all excited because Hanssen was due to be watching the op through the glass in the company of one of these teams of silent dignitaries with big pockets, so there was a lot resting on it. Then new nurse Cara Martinez almost rained on his parade by getting Lucy’s psychiatrist involved. Was Lucy really ready for the surgery, given that she was only doing it to please the abusive boyfriend who’d caused the facial damage in the first place? To cut a long story short, yes she was, Raf impressed the Big Pockets in surgery, and Hanssen hinted that the funding may soon be his.

cara holbyI’m reserving judgement on Cara for a few weeks – so far she seems like an amalgam of Mary-Claire (Irish, feisty), The Radiant Donna (cheeky, reads magazines) and Dr Honey. I mention Dr Honey because Cara was about to join the others for a drink but then her phone started to ring and she got a bit flustered and left, and I wondered if she had a small child at home. We’ll soon find out because if she does she’ll have to bring him/her to work soon to re-enact the lost staff child scenario. Or maybe she has a nasty husband (like Nasty Warren off of Casualty) and that’s why she got so upset on Lucy’s behalf? Or maybe she simply has a secret Nazi grandfather.

hanssen holbyFletch is being dragged deeper into a life of crime by Mo’s dad Clifford, who is the Del Boy Trotter of Holby. Last week it was cigarettes, and this week it was dodgy alcohol. When Hanssen caught them loading boxes of it into the lift, they had to pretend it was for a surprise party for Adele and Jesse. When Hanssen said he might drop in, they had to quickly arrange an actual party. Hanssen did drop in, and his face when he tasted the cheap imported booze was a delightful thing to behold. “Certainly clears the head,” he said.


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12 responses to “Holby City: New girls on every ward

  1. mrssatan

    More perfectly timed looming last night… and yes, his face was a delightful thing to behold when he sampled the “paint stripper” (okay, so it’s a delightful face to behold all the time as far as I’m concerned, and that statement’s not really a surprise)

    Poor Dom having to get up close and personal to some “lady bits” (loved David Ames comment on Twitter and the accompanying photo was just adorable). I think he should join Mr T’s team… definitely preferable to Sacha and Shellfish!

    St Adele failed at something! Is that the first sign of the apocalypse??? When she spoke to Saucer she couldn’t have been marking her territory more if she’d peed up Jesse’s leg to show her ownership!

  2. fredpipes

    It’s never ever a good idea to book a romantic holiday without consulting the potential other participant, unless they give instant refunds when it inevitably backfires!

  3. Eilis

    It was like Groundhog Day with Zosia overemoting as per countless storylines she’s been in before. A combination of her and Ollie might stop me watching Holby completely.

    The Fletch and Clifford stuff is tedious, reminding me of Paul Shane and his sidekick in The Royal. It should have stayed there.

    Are we expected to believe that Dom had done no Obs and Gynae in his undergraduate career? I suppose we are, this is the Holby universe after all.

  4. Thunderchild

    Thers is noticeable trend wher senior members of staff (Elliot, Ric, Serena, Sacha) will just appear for one scene and let the juniors get on with it. Even Hanssen has had a disappointing lack of scree time since his return. I did however like Serena’s character assessment of Connie Beauchamp though I do wonder how these two would get on if they ever came face to face.

  5. Sharon

    I just want to see some scenes with Connie and Hanssen. There has to be a Holby/Casualty crossover soon, surely?

    • Chloe Derbyshire

      Hopefully, but something tells me a Connie/Hansen reunion may be happening sooner than we think, unless Connie isn’t in the episode where Hansen makes an appearance on the ED, judging by the trailer they released a few months ago…

      • mrssatan

        Guy isn’t in the cast list for Saturday’s episode… 😕 fingers crossed it won’t be too much longer

  6. Sarah

    Thank goodness for Dom and Mr T – and Hanssen’s “certainly clears the head” scene! 😀 The Ollie/Zosia will they/won’t they (of course they will) dramatics actually made Adele the least irritating thing on Darwin this week!

    I was completely baffled by the Lucy Mottica story on AAU. First she was fine to have the surgery, then new nurse Cara decided she wasn’t and got Lucy’s psych to agree. But then realised all this really mucked up Raf’s schedule so decided after a quick pep talk Lucy probably was ready after all… I’m presuming there was meant to be a bit more depth to all that but someone got a bit carried away in the edit and removed a big chunk of the story i.e. the bit that made sense of all the to-ing and fro-ing.

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