Casualty: Respected, not liked

connie casualty(Series 29 ep.35) In the world of Holby/Casualty, if you’re an unpopular person trying to be liked, you bring cupcakes for the team. If you’re a serious try-hard (Sahira Shah, Lilah Birdwood) you bake them yourself.

I doubt whether Connie Beauchamp spends her evenings glued to The Great British Bake-Off, so her cupcakes were very much shop bought (and not from Greggs, either, I’m willing to bet). Still, it was going to take more than that and a staff pep talk – after which Lofty remarked, “I still wouldn’t trust her with my grandad, though.”

Connie tried to hide in her office a bit, and it took Rita, of all people, to coax her out. “You need to lead,” Rita told her. Later on in the episode Rita rather impressively kneed a nasty man in the knackers, so it was a good episode all round for her. Much more effective than cupcakes. 

charlie louis casualtyThe nasty man Rita had to deal with was part of a storyline concerning Charlie’s waste-of-skin son Louis. He’s only just recovering from almost having his kidney removed, but he still managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up in hospital. Charlie didn’t want him to have any morphine because he’s an addict, but Dixie had already given him some at the scene and Rita thought he should have more because he was in pain. Then he sorted out his own supply and overdosed. It ended with a father and son bonding moment, in which Louis blamed Charlie for everything bad in the world and Charlie said all they had was each other. What a cheering thought.

dylan zoe casualtyLast week Dylan was Clinical Lead, but Connie’s reappearance put a stop to that. He hasn’t taken it well. “Demoted and patronised – what’s for dessert?” he grumbled to Zoe, adding that he’s never failed at anything apart from his marriage to Army Dr Sam. Worse still, his patient died despite his best efforts.

At least someone (apart from Rita) was having a good day. Robyn has got herself a date with the hunky organ delivery biker guy from the other week. Bless.

And Dixie seems to be positioning Iain as a replacement for Dearly Departed Jeff – she’s started baking for him. That’s not going to work – just ask Connie.


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4 responses to “Casualty: Respected, not liked

  1. wiggles

    But didn’t it turn outt that St Sahira actually DID buy those cupcakes or am I mis-remembering that?

    And have to say my favourite cupcake moment ever in Holby belongs to the divine Miss Naylor when she bought some in to celebrate the aforementioned sainted Miss Shah’s departure (ironically of course!)

  2. Spud G

    So still Louis daughter is forgotten when Charlie said “all we have is each other”

    • Louis did say something like, “I’ve lost everything, I’ve lost Megan…” so at least he remembers she exists, but that’s all they said about her.