Holby City: So much more than wee, poo, pus and sick

mr t jesse holby(Series 17, ep.35) Darwin guest patient of the week Talesha (Emi Wokoma) and Jesse had to work hard for the entire episode to try to persuade us that there was “something going on” between them behind Adele’s back – snatched conversations, Jesse muttering “Am I doing the right thing?” at every opportunity and making desperate attempts to keep Adele and Talesha as far apart as possible. We know that Jesse would never be unfaithful, though, because there is no one – no one, I tell you – who is as special, incredible or wonderful as Adele. Everyone says so, even if they don’t always appreciate her many talents. “All I ever deal with is wee, poo, pus and sick,” she moaned to Elliot, who reassured her that he also relies on her for teabags, shortbread and ring binders. Way to make a girl feel special, Elliot. Then he gave her Talesha to look after (Nooo!!! They must never speak to each other!!!), which prompted Jesse to run about with a worried look for a bit and wonder again if he was doing the right thing. He even asked for advice from Mr T (MR T!!!), a man who is properly qualified on this subject because he specialises in Lady Parts and he can knit. 

jesse adele holbyIt turned out that Talesha was a singer and part of a girl group Jesse had hired to sing ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ while he proposed to Adele, and Mr T acted as ring bearer. The singing was rather impressive (and if Talesha’s that good now imagine how good she’ll be when she doesn’t have fluid on her lungs). Jesse seemed to be down on one knee for long enough to develop arthritis before the singing stopped and he could finally pop the question, during which time Adele was forced to stand still and maintain a surprised/delighted expression on her face. She still made him wait for an answer, though, and this necessitated a Proper Grown Up Conversation at the Window of Regret, after which Adele said yes, she would become Mrs Law. And to cap off a marvellous day, her test results from last week came back all clear. She’s free to resume her astronaut training just as soon as she’s finished calibrating the Large Hadron Collider. She’s so special.

essie holbyFrom one special woman to another, and what was Sacha thinking when he replaced Chrissie with Essie? Their names are too similar for one thing, and recently Essie has taken to wearing the same exasperated/put-upon/superior expression when she’s around Sacha that adorned Chrissie’s face for much of their relationship. She had a right go at him for bringing her a chocolate-dipped wafer instead of proper chocolate. I can see her point, but any confectionery in a crisis is my motto.

hanssen holbyEssie has “instincts,” and she’s not afraid to use them. Despite her instincts leading her to surely break all sorts of confidentiality rules by taking one patient to gaze upon some (unconscious) others and divulge their medical histories just to teach him a Valuable Life Lesson, she’s won the approval of none other than Henrik Hanssen. “People who agree with me are manifold,” he said (I agree with him). “People who feel obliged to agree with me in this hospital are in the majority.” Essie left his office following that speech with the kind of look on her face that’s usually accompanied by someone tossing their car keys a couple of inches up in the air and then catching them.

fletch holbyWhich wasn’t what Fletch was doing, because his car had been clamped and his car keys had been confiscated. This happened while he was looking after a really annoying patient who’d collapsed in the car park. This was a Stereotypical Activist type of person (he had his own megaphone) who called himself Spike despite really being called Quintin. He acted more like a Quintin most of the time, but at least he tried to help Fletch get his car back. The person who really helped Fletch get his car back was Clifford (“I’ve been in your shoes and I know how tight they feel,” he told Fletch. Possibly Fletch takes a different size), who has also given him a bin bag full of duty-free ciggies to sell for profit. Is peddling death sticks really the solution to Fletch’s debt crisis?

Next time: I’m looking forward to this: Dr Valentine, meet Dr March.


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13 responses to “Holby City: So much more than wee, poo, pus and sick

  1. mrssatan

    I am getting heartily sick of Adele and Jesse – Mr T was the only thing that made the whole proposal fiasco watchable. Feeling the same way about Sacha and Essie too.

    Glad to see a lot more of the Looming Dark Lord this week… 😈

  2. HolbyNut

    I would have to agree – the last couple of Holby’s have been a bit poor. The PLA review the only saving grace. Though am intrigued by Dr Valentine / Dr March combo. Surely a meeting of brilliant but tortured souls. Now what should their couple name be? Oli-Zos?

  3. I’ve just noticed – Jesse seems to be wearing two different pairs of shoes. In the top photo the shoes are red with a dark stripe, and in the proposal photo the stripes are white. Or is it just an optical illusion, like the dress that broke the internet?

    • mrssatan

      As I know nothing about leisure/sports shoes I’d just blame continuity 😉

    • Jo

      Maybe someone was sick, or pee’d or poo’d on them and the amazingly ambitious Adele mixed a concoction of special chemicals to clean them, but the ratio of the chemicals wasn’t quite right and the stripes were bleached???? Just a thought, as ludicrous as it sounds ?!

  4. ceramicqueen

    The very best bit of all was Mr T manfully elbowing Jesse out of the way to break into Adele’s locker. Priceless!

  5. Sarah

    Gah my post disappeared – naughty wifi connection! Start again…

    St Adele to wed! After that proposal I can only imagine what the wedding will be like! I do wish TPTB hadn’t turned her into this character thats so difficult to like as I thought she was quite fun when she first started.
    Another character I’m afraid they’re going to turn me off is Essie by turning her into another Chrissie – there are no words to explain my hatred of Chrissie! Why can’t they have Essie be feisty and bold without being histrionic? I thought there was a touch of Sahira in there this week too when it came to her scene with Hanssen – perhaps thats what put the smile on face! He seems to like ’em melodramatic! Maybe he’s delighted he’s found another woman to emotionally scold him once him a week!

  6. Catherine

    I got really annoyed with Fletch. If he’s not careful they’ll give his job to St Adele, the Florence Nightingale of Holby.

    Oh, and on the subject of St Adele. I’m an HCA, have been for two years. If I did any of the things she does where I work, I’d have been sacked two years ago. She changed a chest drain unsupervised! Third year students don’t do that, let alone HCAs! Does being a saint make her immune to RCN guidelines on accountability? Do your research, Holby! And also, if she’s a student nurse she should have a different uniform to wear when she’s not being Super-HCA. OK, rant over.

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