Casualty: Try being breezy

dylan casualty(Series 29, ep.34) It was the first week of Dylan’s tenure as Clinical Lead and, as I predicted, he’d got Dervla in helping with the filing – a cock-up at Doggy Daycare, apparently. It’s fair to say that Dylan wasn’t relishing his new role (and Dervla wasn’t much cop at filing). He had Hanssen literally in his ear (on the phone) complaining that there’d been too many four hour breaches, and Cal and Rita doing their best to be undermining. Charlie and Lofty were having time off, so it was all hands on deck when the multiple victims of a major road accident were headed their way.

connie casualtyRobyn’s advice was that Dylan should try to be “breezy,” but Zoe said the attempt made him look constipated. All the same, at the end of a very trying shift he’d apparently got everything running like clockwork. And then who should turn up on a motorbike? Connie Beauchamp, that’s who. She did look rather magnificent as she shook out her helmet hair, but I couldn’t help thinking that Holby Connie was more of a taxi person than a motorbike person. Reports of her resignation had been a touch exaggerated, anyway, and she was back to oust Dylan and Dervla from her office, have it deep-cleaned and take up the reins once again. 

In days gone by, my response to this would probably have been something along the lines of “Hell, yeah,” but I’m still to be fully convinced by Casualty Connie (though she was excellent in the Alfred Maxwell story and good value in the Romania episode). We’ll see. It’s a shame that we won’t see more of the Keogh management style, though.

cal casualtyThat major road accident I mentioned earlier involved two sets of patients, and I really liked both these stories. One car was a taxi taking Jerome and his “mum” Julia to the airport, en route to Finland. I put quotes around “mum” because she wasn’t biologically his mother – she’d informally adopted him when he was going through a hard time in his life. But they were as close, if not closer, than Julia and her biological son, Aaron, who turned up later. Julia was dying of lung cancer and both the sons were taking her to Finland to a clinic they hoped could help her. Cal and Ethan tried to convince them that the clinic was dodgy and she was too ill to travel, but it became clear that what Julia wanted was a last holiday with her boys (who didn’t really get on). Her condition deteriorated and Aaron was unable to cope with being with her at the end, so when a delirious Julia asked for him, Cal stepped in. It was a comfort to Julia and touchingly it also gave Cal the chance to say goodbye to his own mother, which he hadn’t been around to do.

zoe casualtyThe other car involved in the accident was carrying a young boy and his nanny – who was also the boy’s father’s girlfriend. The boy had stopped speaking after his own mother died in a car crash, but it took Zoe’s legendary people skills about two minutes to get him to talk and admit that he was afraid to speak, because if he did somebody else he loved might die (he’d been talking to his mum when she crashed the car). It all ended in the three of them leaving hospital together as a family, with news that the nanny was pregnant to round off the general rosy glow.

Zoe had a rosy glow of embarrassment for most of the shift after Robyn caught her and Max in a compromising situation in the communal bathroom and then proceeded to tell the patients about it. Not Robyn’s most professional moment, but the final straw for Zoe was being included on a cleaning rota. It was laminated as well. Zoe firmly believes that if a thing needs cleaning you employ a cleaner to do it (she’s on the same page as Connie in that regard), so the cleaning rota went straight in the nearest bin.

max zoe casualtyIn the time she saved by not cleaning anything, Zoe managed to find a swanky new flat for her and Max and fill it with candles. TV set designers must spend a fortune on candles, because no “romantic” scene is complete without at least two hundred of them creating a fire hazard on every surface. Max had a go at male pride by saying he couldn’t afford it – the candles alone would be way out of the reach of a porter’s pay packet – but the lure of Zoe and underfloor heating were too much for him, so Zax is now an address as well as a “thing.” Hurrah!

iain casulatyAnd Dixie was missing Iain, so she gave him a humble pie (literally). This ended up in his face, which occasioned a not terribly convincing bout of hearty laughter which instantly made them forget their disagreements.  Dixie apologised for her control freak tendencies. She just didn’t want to lose Iain like she lost Jeff, she explained, and he’s agreed to come back to his old job. Like Connie, he hasn’t really been out of the old job for long enough for me to know whether I missed him or not, but whatever makes Dixie happy makes me happy.


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7 responses to “Casualty: Try being breezy

  1. Emma Chaplin

    Yes, that hearty laughter at the end was a tad painful. I deeply heart Dylan, and even more so for telling Cal exactly what I think of him. Skiving, unprofessional imbecile.

  2. mrssatan

    I got completely confused last night… Jerome was sitting in the back of the cab injecting his mum with morphine, distracting the cab driver, who was watching them in the rear view mirror, causing him to run the red light. Then when he was being treated he was sitting in the front passenger seat (they got someone in the back to stabilise his head). Then in the ED handover the staff were told he was a rear seat passenger (and moaning “boat” all the time)… 😣

  3. Thunderchild

    Has Connie stolen Jac Naylor’s leathers?

  4. I loved Dylan in his Team Leader tabard. One of those perfect Casualty moments that just worked.

  5. Sarah

    I didn’t think Casualty Connie could get anymore ridiculous but hey presto – they managed it! You’re right, Holby Connie was more taxi and stilettos than bike and boots. And as for the hair swishing – oh puh-lease! These days she’s better suited to a naff shampoo or wrinkle cream commercial than a medical drama.
    I liked Dylan as lead and wish it could have stayed that way. How many more dog stories can Casualty/Holby do?

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