Holby City: A few people get out of their depth

(adele jesse holbySeries 17, ep. 34) Adele had a dizzy turn, which for an otherwise healthy female on Holby generally leads to a visit to the glorious Mr T (MR T!!!). Was Adele pregnant with a little Law? The home pregnancy test said yes, but the scan said no. What she had was actually a cyst that may or may not be malignant. Mr T has whipped it out and sent it to the lab, but we’ll have to wait for the results.

jesse holbyWhat was Jesse doing while all this was going on? He was being offered a job on Selfie’s neuro team and some kind of temporary gig in America (though in LA rather than Chicago, because Chicago now has its full official quota of ex-Holby people). Jesse had about five minutes to ponder this before Hanssen loomed up to tell him that Selfie’s offer was career suicide. “Putting one’s self first isn’t always the best way forward,” he said. Was the pun intentional? Obviously it was, because I can’t imagine anything about Hanssen being unintentional. 

When Jesse finally rocked up at Adele’s bedside (he also had Sensitive Patient Issues to deal with, it wasn’t all about himself and Self), he’d bought her a wetsuit. This wasn’t a random gift – they were just about to go surfing before she had her dizzy spell. There was some weird brains-speak which compared wetsuits to – what? The human body? Love? Both? “If we treat it with care, it’ll last,” anyway.

gillian wright holbyOn AAU there was a guest appearance from Jean Slater off of EastEnders (Gillian Wright) playing a former teacher of Fletch’s daughter, Evie. Evie was also around, because it was her birthday and Fletch had promised to take her for lunch, which Raf paid for because he’s not smug, he’s bloody lovely. Father and daughter ended up on the roof (in a good way – it wasn’t a suicide pact), where Evie reassured her dad that they’d be okay and Fletch gave her her late mum’s engagement ring, which he’d been thinking of pawning earlier because they’re strapped for cash. I say this every time, but I do like Fletch and Evie – I can totally believe in them as father and daughter and they’re very sweet together.

serena dominic essie holbyTo Keller now, where Serena seems to be currently based. This is good because she gets scenes with Dominic, but bad because Essie seems to be unnaturally interested in Serena’s love life. This is non-existent anyway, because the relationship between Serena and Angus of the Board has fizzled out, due to his reluctance to address her Womanly Needs. While Serena’s idea of a cosy weekend away involved breakfast in bed, Angus was thinking golf.

Drives and juices were uppermost in everyone’s mind thanks to a patient who was a professional stripper and seemed to need to take his clothes off every time he heard ‘Le Freak’ by Chic. This was inconvenient for him as it was the ringtone on his phone and he got quite a few calls, though it certainly enlivened the shift for Serena, Essie and Dominic.

Sue H


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18 responses to “Holby City: A few people get out of their depth

  1. mrssatan

    Shellfish seems to think that he is still CEO – something or someone has got to take this man down a peg or two permanently and soon. How does he think he can just send Jesse to the states for three months and then welcome him back onto his team at Holby? I know you’ve mentioned the fluid staffing before but this would be ridiculous!

    Mr T was amazing as always (although I did wonder why Adele couldn’t diagnose and fix herself -she appears to be able to do everything else!); and I agree that Raf isn’t remotely smug any more.

    Not enough looming in this episode – and too much Essie and Serena discussing their love lives, existent or otherwise 😖

  2. Catherine

    Evie’s school must be rubbish. Nobody seems to care that she leaves school unaccompanied in the middle of the day. And doesn’t go back.
    And yes, Raf is bloody lovely. Always thought so.

    • Maybe she goes to Holby Casual Academy, where the school motto is “Turn Up – If You Want.” And well done for spotting Raf’s bloody-loveliness early on. I couldn’t see it past a wall of Smug/Smug/Posh, but I see it now.

      • mrssatan

        Is that run by the HR department of the hospital 😉

      • mrssatan

        “Next week on Holby City… Fletch needs the services of a loan shark in order to pay the fine for taking his daughter out of school without permission”

        The above is what we will never see!

  3. Bernadettte

    I meant to add I hope Jesse takes heed of Mr Hansen’s warning, and finds out what’s behind it before it’s too late.

  4. Emma Chaplin

    I love Serena OBVS, but I have to say, ice cream in bed for breakfast isn’t sexy. I think she should have nipped into the linen cupboard and shown Angus how to have ‘fun’. I’m sure he’d have appreciated it.

  5. Emma

    Oh how I love your reviews Sue. I almost feel as though I’m up to date with Holby, which I’m not because my 16 year old makes me watch it with her, and it’s GCSE time.

  6. Barbara

    I noticed the “putting one’s Self first” comment too and also concluded that it was no coincidence…

    There seem to have been a number of (un)subtle developments lately. The glorious Henrik seems to loom (wraith like) at the back of any scene when something’s going wrong (that’ll be most of them, then…), utter something gnomic (even by his standards) and shimmer gently into the wall.

    Serena, on the other hand, appears to have evolved into a comedy turn. She’s always (well – almost always…) had a sense of humour but she’s heading towards full blown slapstick at the moment. The old Serena wouldn’t have looked twice at the ghastly Angus either. Can we have her back, please?

    I will probably never be allowed to post on here again after this so I’ll whisper it – I can’t be doing with either Fletch or Raf. Don’t care what happens to them. Wish they would go away. There. Sorry, about that.

    • Of course you’ll be allowed to post – all opinions are valid (unless it’s something negative about Joseph Byrne. Can’t be doing with that).

      You’re right about the current deployment of HH, and I love your description of him shimmering gently into the wall. He’s ever so good at that sort of thing and even if he was parked in Pulses reciting the muffin prices he’d be brilliant, but I’m looking forward to seeing him with some bigger scenes.

      • mrssatan

        Beautiful description Barbara… and you too Sue 😀

      • Barbara

        No, no – Joseph’s safe… As an aside, I was mildly amused, while listening to the radio earlier on, to hear there’s a racehorse called Jac(k) Naylor, owned by Gerard Byrne….

        Also looking forward to Henrik being allowed to stop being a caricature of himself and getting a decent story line.

  7. Dave 'TheBromleyA'

    Actually the plot was sort of rubbish. It’s bad enough AAU scooping people up in the street and acting as a kind of quasi-emergency department, but now Darwin has started doing it too. I really wanted Hanssen to loom up and say in his increasingly enigmatic way ‘My agenda is to restore decent scriptwriting to this hospital’. Or the much missed Jac to kick some Darwin butt. Good luck to her equine namesake in the Oaks tomorrow by the way!

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