Casualty: Dylan in charge

dylan casualty(Series 29, ep.33) Connie Beauchamp has left the building. She has resigned from her post and reactions within the ED were, predictably, mixed.

My reaction was mixed too, and I’m still confused. I was preparing a little valedictory paragraph for her, but she’s in the cast list for next week so perhaps that’s a bit previous.

For this week at least, though, there was a void where a Clinical Lead should be. So who would replace her? Max didn’t want it to be Zoe again. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a Clinical Lead in bed before midnight and keep them there till 6 AM?” he reasoned. A phone call to Zoe from Henrik Hanssen sealed Dylan’s fate – he was the choice to take the job, at least as a temporary measure. This was a rather bizarre choice given the hoo-ha that was made after Jeff’s death about the Clinical Lead needing people skills, but Hanssen does move in mysterious ways. “Why are you doing this to me?” Dylan complained to Zoe. “I thought we were friends.” By the end of the episode he was already losing sight of his new desk under a pile of paperwork. Let’s hope Dervla enjoys filing.

lily casualtyAll the patients this week came from one incident, as so often happens. It wasn’t a multi-vehicle pile-up on the ring road, but a robbery of an amusement arcade gone wrong. The medical problems were mainly fairly simple – a few dislocations, broken bones and grazes, although there was a lady who thought she had leukaemia but didn’t. This was further complicated because there was a bad man who was running a sweepstake on when she would die. Dr Lily Chao got very involved in this because at first they thought the woman who didn’t have leukaemia couldn’t speak English, so Lily spoke to her in Chinese and gained her trust.

It all culminated in a fist fight in the waiting area. Charlie had a proper rant. “You come into my ED with your broken bones and your busted noses and your sob stories… Get out!” he fumed, all stampy and cross. Tess had to take him aside and patiently explain to him that he wasn’t normally like this and maybe he needed time off to look after his waste-of-skin son Louis.

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3 responses to “Casualty: Dylan in charge

  1. Jeremy C

    Charlie turned a bit strange. We should campaign for more Dylan.

  2. Emma Chaplin

    Why are most Holby staff, at all times apparently, carrying disposable coffee cups? It’s weird.

  3. Hooray the ED have finally been told that there’s been a change in management. It’s buliding me up for when Hanssen shows his face in the ED. The icing on the cake would be Serena down there for an episode at some point can just see her and Zoe getting on really well

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