Holby City: Blue eyes, old soul

hanssen holby

(Series 17, ep.33Following last week’s Whisper With The Dangerous Edge, this week Hanssen showcased his mastery of the Long Scary Pause. He gave Elliot a little talk along the lines of needing to have everyone working well because a team was only as strong as its weakest link. Elliot tried a bit of humour with “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.” To which Hanssen replied, “I beg your pardon?” followed by that LSP. Not an Anne Robinson fan, then.

The weakest link on Elliot’s sadly depleted team is currently Oliver Valentine, because he’s still being O. Negative and his “gap yah” (as Jesse insisted on calling it) hasn’t really helped him sort his post-Tara life out. 

oliver holbyHis gloomy mood didn’t go unnoticed by his patient, Derek Winger. “Took an O-level in nihilism did we, Blue Eyes?” he asked him, and not in a flirtatious way either. Later on he referred to Ollie as a “teenybopper,” and suggested he’d never known the heartache of losing the things you most love in life. Oh, if he only knew. Ollie was so distracted by the heartaches of life that he failed to notice Derek’s heart was occupied by “vegetation.” I was rather relieved to hear that “vegetation” in the heart means bacteria, and not ferns and moss and stuff, but apparently it was still a thing that should have been spotted and dealt with. “Buck up, Oliver – I expect more from you,” Elliot chided him, but the situation was so bad it required a high level loom and some enigmatic advice from Hanssen. “You can give up, or you can take the same gamble as everyone else,” he said. Go on, Ollie – choose life!

raf holbyDown on AAU, Raf spent most of the hour trying to persuade last week’s patient, Lucy, to consent to some of his fabulous face-fixing surgery. We discovered that her injuries were the result of domestic violence, when her mother-in-law turned up and Lucy eventually told Raf that her partner was in prison for what he’d done but was about to get out. Lucy was less scary this week as she gradually allowed herself to trust Raf. Raf is doing that classic Holby maverick thing of getting too involved, ignoring his superiors (Serena was very cross for most of the episode) but achieving good outcomes against the odds.

essie holbyOn Keller, Essie was whingeing because she didn’t want to meet Sacha’s children and she feared she couldn’t relate to teenagers. Then she found herself relating brilliantly to a teenager on the ward who’d managed to get locked in some handcuffs, and on the strength of this agreed to go bowling with the Little Levys after all. Patients and their relatives, eh? Always handy for a life lesson. The best part of this story was Dominic’s little shudder when Essie took home the handcuffs, presumably for fifty shades of fun with Sacha later.

Finally (so that isn’t the last image I leave you with) some exciting news from Darwin. Adele has been taking mindfulness classes! I knew you’d be thrilled.

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5 responses to “Holby City: Blue eyes, old soul

  1. Collins1965

    Whatever about mindfulness classes, Adele needs to take mind your own business classes.

    I loved Hanssen’s LSP too!!

  2. Never mind NHS waiting lists, just visit a patient in Holby (or get yourself inside the building) and get immediate attention!

    • Marine

      Ah, but you need to make sure that your reason to be seen is emotionally and medically significant to at least one castmember first…!

  3. HolbyNut

    Ditto re LSP!
    Not appreciating the Sasha and Essie ‘thing’ – wondering how Jac and Jonny are getting on.
    Raf a bit annoying last night – thought Lucy brilliant though.

  4. mrssatan

    I enjoyed the HH moments – bad day at work so needed a little Dark Lord satisfaction. He is a different person to the man who went to be a grandfather, colder and more detached from the world around him. He strikes me as an emotionally wounded man.

    The NHS rules really do not apply at Holby; stroll in and just get seen – I’ve had to wait three months to see a consultant – perhaps I asked to be referred to the wrong NHS Trust!

    Random Musing 1: the privacy etchings on the windows in Keller look like DNA sequencing
    Random Musing 2: did Crimewatch use the Holby set for their reconstruction of the Victorino Chua investigation

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