Holby City: Looks better in blue

zosia annabelle holby(Series 17, ep.32) “I picked you because you’re bloody brilliant,” Dr Annabelle Cooper told Dr Zosia March. Zosia must be brilliant, too, because the thing Annabelle picked her for was to operate on her own brain (Annabelle’s, not Zosia’s, obvs). This made me mumble crossly to myself the way I do, wondering exactly when it was that Zosia got so brilliant at brain surgery, considering she’s only been doing it for five minutes. Scriptwriter Peter Mattessi got round my objections in a cunning scene in which Zosia listed all of the relevant experience she’s had. My word, she really is an expert. So that left only Selfie to convince. He wanted his daughter to “steer clear of the Annabelle thing – given your situation.” Was he genuinely worried about Zosia’s mental health, or his own ego? It’s never easy to tell with Selfie. 

hanssen holbyHanssen was tempted to give Zosia the benefit of the doubt (while initially supporting Selfie), but Selfie threw a golf analogy at him. “I don’t play golf,” replied Hanssen, in a new voice that I’d have to term The Whisper With The Dangerous Edge. Quite thrilling it was, but not for Selfie, who had a go at calling his boss “Henrik” but was firmly corrected and told it was “Mr Hanssen.” How I treasure these moments.

zosia holbyEventually it was decided that Zosia would operate on Annabelle, Selfie would supervise and Ric, Hanssen and assorted non-speaking extras would watch tensely through the glass. This proved useful when Zosia went a bit wobbly during the procedure. Everyone was set to grab the tools from her trembling hands, but Hanssen made them wait while Zosia calmed herself down with a little mantra. All ended well, and surely a glittering career in neurosurgery beckons for Dr March.

But no. She’s already asked for a transfer to Darwin. “I just look better in blue,” she told Dominic, but if getting away from the maroon/wine/berry coloured scrubs was the main consideration, Keller wouldn’t have any staff left. Mainly she wants to get away from Selfie’s orbit, and who can blame her?

mo holbyShe’s going to Darwin in the nick of time because apparently Mo is about to join Michael Spence in Chicago for six weeks, so once again they’ll be a woman down. What is it with all the staff leaving for Chicago (apart from Ric, who is off to Australia with Jess)? Are the production team lining up a Chicago special or something? And if so, will Noah Wyle and George Clooney be in it?

To keep up the Effanga count at Holby, Mo’s dad Clifford is now a porter there. I know he isn’t officially an Effanga, but I’m talking genetically. He seems very nice, anyway.

lisa marged holbySomeone who didn’t seem very nice, but in a good way, was the daughter of Raf’s patient on AAU. The mother had messed up her innards with alcohol, but the daughter, former medical student Lucy, was far more interesting to Raf. She had a nasty facial wound caused by some previous face-fixing surgery that went wrong, and she was fabulously snarly and sulky. This was helped no end by a beautiful Welsh accent. At one point Raf suggested Lucy might enjoy a little walk in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. “There’s a garden, and you want me to walk in it?” she said, in a voice that was only just slightly less scary than Hanssen’s Whisper With The Dangerous Edge.

raf holbyLuckily she’s come to the right place, what with Raf being the expert who reconstructed the Posh Visage and that. Lucy’s response to being shown photos of Posh was to smash Raf’s phone (rude), and Serena was not best pleased with his handling of the situation. I’m expecting Lucy to be back next week, because there’s obviously a lot more to this story.

Talking of interesting characters, this episode marked the end of Annabelle Cooper’s brief employment at Holby, what with recovering from brain surgery and all, so it’s farewell to Nina Wadia. It’s a shame, because I hardly had time to stop thinking of her as Zainab and she was gone.

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23 responses to “Holby City: Looks better in blue

  1. Thunderchild

    Just how much holiday entitlement does Ric Griffin have? Does Serena have an account at Pulses? When are we going to see Holby City @ County General?

  2. mrssatan

    OMG! The loom behind Zosia and Annabelle when they were talking about saunas was awesome!!!

  3. HolbyNut

    Great episode and review. Also loved the bit when Zosia came out of theatre close to tears and Dom magically appeared to comfort her, as only he can – brought a lump to my throat.
    You’re all v funny about Serena and Pulses…:)

  4. Eilis

    Loud guffaws here regarding the “I’m a surgeon” F2! Even more ridiculous than Adele the Nurse. I came very close to turning over last night.

  5. Lucy and Raf’s romance will blossom over the coming months. Welsh fiery dragon meets brave heart (sic). HC just got even more interesting…

  6. Chloe Derbyshire

    To answer your first question – it was obvious really – he’s more worried about his own ego…

  7. Emma Chaplin

    I’d like to speak admiringly about Mo’s spectacular hot pink raincoat. I even googled ‘pink raincoat’ after the episode to see if a similar one could be purchased. Sadly not. HH on tip-top form last night. Most enjoyable. It’s almost been worth hating the vile Self to see him getting smacked down with such finesse. Let’s all get in the sauna with Henrik.

  8. Marine

    I’m happy that I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed The Whisper With The Dangerous Edge! So happy to see Hanssen back and getting into the thick of things.

    A little sad to see Annabelle leaving already, since I rather liked her interactions with Zosia (and lord knows, I don’t like Zosia’s interactions with many of the characters).

    • mrssatan

      Didn’t HH leave a bottle of something or send a bottle of something for Shellfish when he first took over as CEO? If HH had known what an egotistical a*sewipe Shellfish would turn out to be he might have laced it with cyanide!!!