Casualty: Connie and Charlie’s big adventure

charlie connie casualty(Series 29, ep.32) It’s not often we get to leave the grim confines of Holby, but this Romanian adventure was well worth the air fare. It was gripping and thoroughly enjoyable.

In pursuit of Charlie’s waste-of-skin son Louis, Connie and Charlie hurtled to Bucharest, pausing only for Connie to grab her Touche Eclat, a gorgeous woolly jumper and some hand sanitiser.

Bucharest looks rather lovely, albeit cold. There was snow on the tops of the buildings, but mainly slush underfoot, which was nicely atmospheric but probably a bit of a nightmare for the actors. 

connie louis casualtyThey found Louis in a beaten-up state in a hospital bed. It turns out that he’s a heroin addict, which nobody who’s followed his career to date will find very surprising. The hospital itself was like Holby, but the equipment looked more like it was made to be washed and used again, rather than the plastic and cardboard disposable stuff regularly seen in the NHS.

casualty charlie connieLouis soon scarpered from the hospital, because he owed a bad man a lot of money. Charlie and Connie tracked him down to a warehouse/squat-type place. It was all flickering fires and Dickensian-looking ragged citizens – like a more Instagram-able version of the Farmead Estate. And there they discovered that the man Louis owed money to runs a kidney-selling ring, and Louis’ precious organs might be in peril.

connie casualtyCharlie and Connie argued about the best way forward and he went off on his own, leaving Connie to go back to the hotel, get bored and end up in the arms of the hunky Romanian doctor she’d met earlier. Meanwhile Charlie was getting drunk on some dubious alcohol and getting shouty in nightclubs as he looked for Louis (who was at that very moment being prepped for theatre in a kidney clinic).

Louis’ girlfriend got beaten up by the Bad Man and ended up on the hunky doctor’s doorstep looking for help. There she found Connie on her own enjoying a post-coital coffee, and was able to get her dislocated shoulder relocated.

casualty connieCharlie was swiftly summoned and they all rushed off to the kidney clinic, to find Louis in the middle of surgery but still in possession of both kidneys. Connie was easily able to sort him out surgically, once she’d recovered from the nasty shock of discovering who the surgeon was. Yup, it was Dr Night-Before. As if this wasn’t excitement enough, Charlie had to drive Louis away in a hail of gunfire and do some serious James Bond-style getaway driving. Connie stayed to make sure Louis’ girlfriend was safe and to look frosty and disapproving at Dr Night-Before. “Give me the chance to be the person you thought I was,” he pleaded. “But you’re not him,” said Connie, in a voice that could have had those slushy pavements refrozen in seconds.

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7 responses to “Casualty: Connie and Charlie’s big adventure

  1. Mr Donnelly

    How could Louis possibly have been born in 1992 when Baz didn’t come back to Casualty until at least 1995 or 1996. When she did come back she was still married to her husband Peter and it was quite a while before she got back together with Charlie.

  2. Spud G

    I thought Charlie’s grand daughter (Louie’s son) lived with Charlie. Would he just leave her to go off to Romania. No mention was made of childcare arrangements!

    • Sarah

      I’ve been wondering the same thing they never mention Charlie’s grandaughter it’s like she was forgotten
      Louis said in a recent episode he has no Megan but Charlie didn’t say she’s at my house come and see her …. nothing!

  3. Spud G

    Sorry I meant daughter!!

  4. Sarah

    Casualty jumped the shark with this episode! Completely and utterly laughable and I must disagree that it was worth the airfare. In fact, I am not sure Amanda Mealing’s salary for the last year could be considered a wise spend. Connie was a decent character on Holby City but since joining Casualty she has become a caricature. I always get the impression she’s not so much acting as going through a range of pre-planned poses and pouts. I think there were better characters/actors that could have been used for a one-off episode.

  5. holbybunners

    I agree it jumped the shark – it was all a bit predictable .. but I still enjoyed it because I was able to do some tiresome sorting done – of a box of “stuff” while watching. I ALWAYS enjoy Amanda Mealing .. especially when she is grabbing surgical instruments from some unwitting Romanian medic who she happened to have slept with the previous night!

    Agree about aging of Louis though I read it first that it was the SOAP which was aging – rather than the character. I noticed the aging when he appeared as a teenager in trouble of some kind – for it seemed only a couple of years before – that he was a young boy who had caused his mothers death in a car accident. It was while on a trip to Iceland to see Santa !

    AS for the granddaughter – I thought that Charlie had offered support to the young mother rather than that the granddaughter live with him?? Strange though that neither are mentioned now..

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