Holby City: Danger – unauthorised spectators, infested dogs and trembling hands

adele oliver holby(Series 17, ep.31) “Stick to your work and don’t try to fix everything,” Dr Oliver Valentine told Adele. He was being Managerial because Elliot had left him in charge (and he’s also still somewhat O. Negative) and he wasn’t taking any nonsense. And, frankly, I cheered him. I’m getting more than a bit tired of Saint Adele of the Trillion Skills, and there’s been nobody to take her down a peg since Jac disappeared.

Most irritatingly even when Adele is wrong, she ends up being right. “I was just trying to hold on to somebody I love,” she said, in her best surely-you-can’t-argue-with-that voice, and Ollie didn’t argue with that and assumed his Thinking Face. Was he thinking about Penny (his patient was a twin) or Tara, people he loved and couldn’t hold on to? Or was he just wondering what was in the fridge for tea? Such is the magic of Adele that it could have been all, some, or none of these things. 

adele mo holbyThe “somebody she loves” is of course Mo, and Adele was trying to hold on to her by means of summoning her biological father Clifford to the hospital to try to make amends. It looks like it worked, too, eventually, but not before Mo got very cross. Especially when Adele brought Clifford to watch Mo in action operating on a patient, surely contravening all sorts of regulations.

hanssen holby cityOnce again there was an adorable dog running loose around AAU, but the perils of dog ownership were all too scarily illustrated when Raf found the dog owner’s intestines were full of worms. Still, a deft bit of diagnosis never does any harm, particularly when you’re trying to impress Hanssen. Hanssen actually was impressed by Raf’s bid for funding for his Max Fac facility, despite the dog and despite Raf’s presentation featuring a superb photo of Hanssen modelling Scandi knitwear. Hanssen has an uncanny ability to be able to tell the good guys from the bad Guy.

selfie zosia holbyTalking of whom, Selfie was busy harrumphing round acting all aggrieved and nobody was much bothered apart from Zosia, who has finally decided daddy is a good Guy after all. The thing she’s most bothered about is Annabelle Cooper being able to do her human trials of the brain treatment that might just save her own life. All of this has revived some of Zosia’s obsessiveness, so what with that and Annabelle’s trembling hands, Keller is not the safest place to be a patient at the moment.

hanssen sacha holbyLine of the week and Top Hanssen Moment: “I didn’t have you down as a ballet buff,” said Sacha to the world’s suavest Swede, who replied, “Well, I’ve yet to share my life history with you, Mr Levy.” Smooth.

Sue H


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17 responses to “Holby City: Danger – unauthorised spectators, infested dogs and trembling hands

  1. God knows I love Hanssen but I wish that when he only has one word in Swedish to say that he would at least be taught to pronounce it properly. I know there may not be very many Swedish speaking Holby fans but I flinch every time he has to say something in It.

    • Is it plausible that he’s saying it with a bit of a Danish accent, though? We learned in the Stockholm episode that there’s something Danish about his pronunciation (Danish mother?).

      • No, it’s just hopelessly wrong. I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Denmark as well and I’m told I have a Danish accent myself. The languages are very similar.

  2. mrssatan

    I felt like throwing a party when O Negative told Adele off 🎉

    Guy complaining about HH – surely he was talking about himself?!?

    Am I the only person who went online to find HH’s catalogue shot?!? So disappointed. 😉

  3. HolbyNut

    Nice episode, but TMI in the chat between Serena and Nurse Harrison – please! Plus want to see more of the adorable Diggers.

  4. wiggles

    “Hanssen has an uncanny ability to be able to tell the good guys from the bad Guy.” = BRILLIANT*!!!

    *Can you tell quite how much I dislike THAT man

  5. UlrikeH

    Regarding Hanssen’s knitwear – is it blue and black, or white and gold?? 😉

  6. Did no one notice the comment that Raf made about the dog lady possibly having a bowel obstruction and needing to ‘get to the bottom of it’ ? Made me wonder how he kept a straight face.

  7. mrssatan

    Just seen the head-to-head trailer for next week… Shellfish, the Looming one is taking you down!!!


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