Holby City: Looming marvellous

ric serena holby(Series 17, ep.30) The new CEO was going to be introduced at a specially convened meeting. Everyone sighed and looked a bit bored or cross as they trundled towards the board room. Many of them expected to see the mythical Olivia Sharpe installing her shoes under the table of corporate power (though Elliot had bumped into Olivia and she hadn’t mentioned anything), or some tedious pen-pusher in a suit. Nobody noticed that Serena Campbell was wearing a Knowing Expression. Then the door opened to reveal… an empty table. 

hanssen holbyIt just wouldn’t have been dramatic enough to have had Henrik Hanssen being reinserted into the hospital at a boring meeting. Instead, a riot and a scaffolding collapse in Holby  kicked off a full-scale emergency situation – and who was there to direct the troops with a brief, no-nonsense pep talk (“Let’s to it!”)? Obviously it was the once and current CEO of Holby City Hospital, Henrik Hanssen – who also had time to introduce his deputy CEO, Serena Campbell. That’s a dream team right there.

henrik hanssen holbyIt’s wonderful to see that Hanssen still has the power to unnerve. He’d learned everybody’s names before he even set eyes on them (“Don’t ask me how, but he does that,” said Dixie off of Casualty, who was there delivering casualties to the episode and interfacing with former colleague Fletch).

Hanssen also staged a couple of perfect looms, on one occasion hilariously spotting Dominic trying to hide from him. Most magnificently, he left Selfie under no illusion about who’s boss by taking away his Self Centre and his delusions of grandeur. “My agenda is to restore the moral compass of this hospital,” he informed Selfie. It’s an agenda we can all sign up to, I think.

oliver holbyAlso back where he belongs is Young Dr Oliver Valentine, who is less young now, biologically-speaking, and a lot less young in terms of life experience. He’s gone all snappy and cross. Indeed I wrote in my notes, “He’s a bit more Jac,” and then Jesse (who was being less than helpful with the new/old boy) spoke my brains by asking Adele if she was quite sure that Jac hadn’t just gone away for gender reassignment. This assessment would have made Jac extremely proud of her mentoring skills, I’m sure, but if Ollie carries on in this manner I’m going to start calling him O. Negative.

I’m not sure where the loss of the Self Centre will leave new neurosurgeon Annabelle Cooper, but we – and now Zosia – know that she has more personally riding on it than just career prospects. Zosia isn’t happy knowing that Annabelle has a brain tumour, but of course she can relate to people hiding medical diagnoses for the sake of their career so she hasn’t said anything to anyone yet. It can only be a matter of time before Hanssen finds out, though, because he Always Finds Out.

dixie holbyIn other news, Fletch got Dixie to put a bet on for him because he’s strapped for cash. The horse didn’t win, but luckily Dixie hadn’t put the bet on anyway (does Fletch have a history of a gambling problem that I missed when I wasn’t watching Casualty? It seemed to be implied). Raf loaned him the money he needed anyway, because he’s not very smug at all these days and his moral compass is nicely calibrated.

Next time: Zosia is increasingly worried about Annabelle; Adele meddles in Mo’s business; and there’s another dog on AAU.

Sue H


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9 responses to “Holby City: Looming marvellous

  1. Yes, Fletch had a big gambling problem

  2. Dawn

    Yes Fletch got himself into a lot of trouble through gambling whilst he was working in the ED. Hence the stint as a taxi driver. As soon as the cabbis started talking about his once a year tip for a dead cert, I was groaning “no, doesn’t start that again Fletch” it just felt too obvious & contrived, anf you just KNEW that Dixie wasn’t going to set up another gambling account for him, or place a bet. Good ol’ Dixie, makes a horlucks of her own life regularly but she’s blowed if she’s going to stand back and let anyone else do it with theirs.

  3. Eilis

    Hello, Sue

    I cannot express how pleased I am to see Hanssen back and in Full Loom Mode. Even better we’ll not have the whole Sahira thing going on this time round.

    Less pleased about Dr Valentine, never really took to him particularly after the revelations of how he shafted his sister. Covering that up is the one blot on the Hanssen copybook for me. The whole manner of his coming back ranks very highly on the Holby implausibility scale and when did he pass his Membership?

  4. mrssatan

    The Magnificent Looming Dark Lord was at his best… it was as if he had never been away. Loved Sacha’s comment about HH always having his scalpel with him (please tell me that I am not the only one who shouted “and hopefully he’ll use it to cut off your balls Selfie!”). I loved the way that HH was reintroduced. The way he just picked up from where he left off, being the all seeing, all knowing, all looming one. And somehow Guy Henry seems to be even taller now! All in all I was one very happy Hanssenette. 😀

    The comment about Jac having gender reassignment was priceless; and I agree with you that it would have made her proud (loving your O Negative threat btw).

    If I remember correctly, Fletch did have an online gambling habit and that habit, as well as paying maintenance to his then estranged wife, was why he was taking every shift going and also moonlighting as a cabby.

    I’m sorry but I really can’t bring myself to care about Annabelle and her tumour. Clutching desperately at any straws to save her life she might be, But I like to think that if I were in her shoes I would have done more research before accepting the job. Don’t these people visit their prospective place of employment when they are interviewed???

    Serena and Dr Smug are becoming more and more likeable every week (never really been a Serena fan until now)…

    Brilliant episode (and a brilliant review Sue)

  5. Vaudelin

    Oh dear, I am sorry to all you Oliver Valentine fans, but I was actually bored during this episode. I have always found Oliver’s character quite depressing and much preferred his sister. Plus I think he needs a serious trip to the hairdressers – last time I saw a bouffant like that I was watching Jon Pertwee in Doctor Who. Thank goodness for HH – it is great to see him back – the best part of the episode for me was the last minute.

    Fantastic review as always though 🙂

  6. The whole episode was wonderful to watch, and I particularly enjoyed watching Guy Self get shot down (although admittedly I don’t hate him as much as I used to).
    I adore Henrik and Serena together – their relationship is very sweet and they genuinely seemed to get to like each other before he left. Now they’re back together the scriptwriters have done an excellent job of getting their chemistry right.
    It was nice seeing Ollie again, but I do hope he brightens up a bit. I know he hasn’t got much to be optimistic about, but it’s not good to take it out on a patient, no matter how infuriating they happen to be.

  7. HolbyNut

    “My agenda is to restore the moral compass of this hospital,” said Hanssen.
    …and the nation cheered HURRAH! Well, I did anyway…

  8. Samantha Cook

    O Negative!

    Lost half a glass of Pinot Grigio right there.

    Loved Dominic wetting himself and hiding behind the desk, and that HH called him out on it.

    Feels like Holby City again.

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