Holby City: We need to talk about Guy

serena hanssen holby

(Series 17, ep.29) The episode was officially titled ‘Small Disappointments,’ but the only small disappointment about it from the point of view of thousands of excited Hanssenites was that the man in the black raincoat took so long to appear. There was an early sighting of him eating a sandwich in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, but it wasn’t until the last minute when he was properly seen and actually heard. 

serena holbyUntil then, we were presented with a couple of red herrings as to who would succeed Guy Self as Holby City CEO. It was fairly certain it wouldn’t be Serena. The shoes gave it away. She was wearing the kind of shoes that on Holby symbolise A Powerful Woman. We may term them ‘Connie Beauchamp shoes.’ Three steps later and Serena was on her bum on the newly washed floor, because the shoes of office were not for her (though we know she’s a Jimmy Choos rather than a Crocs kind of gal in general). A few minutes after that she was flat on her back on the floor with the scary man from the board, Angus, on top of her with a dislocated shoulder. This led to some funny scenes with Angus on morphine (Catherine Russell is so brilliant at comedy stuff – it’s the way she has Serena maintaining her elegant poise whatever happens), which resulted in Angus and Serena arranging a date for Saturday, but reinforced how those shoes were just not her. Ric understood the shoes were metaphorical as well, and he agreed that they weren’t the right fit.

It turned out that Selfie had other plans anyway. There’s a woman we’ve never heard of before in orthopaedics called Olivia Sharpe, and she is apparently just the sort to wear a red shoe with an animal print and an impractical heel for work. Perfect CEO material as far as Selfie was concerned, plus she’d be nicely in his pocket.

Serena had had enough of Selfie and his B grade manipulating. It was time to call in someone who has manipulation down to a fine and elegant art form. As Selfie left the hospital for the evening, Serena pointed him out to a mysterious figure in the shadows. “He won’t be happy when he finds out why you’re here, or that I called you,” she predicted. “Well, life’s full of small disappointments, Ms Campbell,” said Henrik Hanssen. And a nation cheered.

Mo had also been calling a man from her past – her father Clifford. Mo rang him on the pretext of wanting to do some kind of medical study. When he turned up in person she didn’t explain who she was, but used the medical study story to get some information about him.

mr t holbyMo wants a steady male influence in her life, but he’s there already in the form of the glorious Mr T (MR T!!!). There was a fabulous Mr T moment when Mo had been complaining to him that was all alone and unlucky in love. As she walked off he said, “You’re not alone,” in such a sweet way – but she didn’t hear him. Later on, Clifford (who was by now aware of what his relationship with Mo was supposed to be) watched her doing her brilliant doctoring thing. He didn’t know her, he said to Mr T. “Her name is Maureen Effanga and she saves people’s lives. She’s a hero,” said Mr T, fairly glowing with pride. Good grief, you can keep Poldark. Mr T is my idea of what a proper romantic hero should be like.

On the ward formerly known as Keller but currently serving as the Self Centre until he can turn his cardboard model into reality, Dr Annabelle Cooper continued to lock horns with Selfie over her approach to patients. It seems that she has more invested in neurosurgery than just a glittering career, as we discovered that she has the same kind of brain tumour as this week’s patient. How unlucky are Holby staff with brain tumours? Nick Jordan, Dr Tara Lo, Prof Elliot Hope and now Annabelle. Maybe there’s something in the water. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not anything Henrik Hanssen can’t fix with his exceedingly good baklava.

Next time: Hanssen ruffles Selfie’s feathers (hurrah!), Oliver Valentine is back (double hurrah!) and Dixie off of Casualty makes an appearance.

Sue H


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8 responses to “Holby City: We need to talk about Guy

  1. mrssatan

    I was nearly killing myself when a morphine inspired Angus ran through his “Self, Selfish, Shellfish!” routine 😂

    I enjoyed most of this episode; except for the bits with Shellfish in them… I especially enjoyed the HH scenes; while they may have been small they were quality (for my inner Hansenette anyhow)… he looked so cold and miserable that I wanted to give him a hug more than I usually do. 😉

  2. Thunderchild

    Going back three years Sue wrote that on her arrival Serena was being lined up as ‘a legend in the making’ – I think we now know the answer.

  3. HolbyNut

    Serena was just adorable. Looking forward to next week’s episode already.

  4. Optymystic

    Did anyone understand the Big Bopper/ Chuck Berry reference? By my arithmetic Mo’s teenaged mother would have been born after the Big Bopper died in the plane crash with Buddy Holly and Richie Valens. She is similarly unlikely to have been a Chuck Berry fan, because Chuck was one of the greats of 1950s rock and roll recording in Memphis Tenessee. Could the dialogue perhaps have been about Mo’s grandmother?

  5. holbybunners

    I understood from what was said by Mo that her mother was a fan of “traditional” rock music .. and was unusual in that respect. It is possible to be a fan of music popular before you were born!

    I agree with the review – which was great by the way – that this was a terrific episode . Did anyone notice the Looming One forensically picking apart his lunch while sat in the memorial shrubbery? We know we are home and dry when we see Hansen with his Special Sarnies .. Selfie wont know what has hit him ..

    • Optymystic

      They could have got away with it, if they had stuck to Chuck Berry, who still had some currency and whose work is still used. It’s the Big Bopper reference which ranks extremely low on any plausibility scale. No matter what she danced to, it is most unlikely that Mo’s fictional mother had heard of the Big Bopper.

    • mrssatan

      I noticed, and it was both painfully sad and completely adorable…


      Off to research available therapy for a case of Henrik Hanssen Obssessive Disorder 😉😜😊

  6. Christine Darrington

    My son is 49 and loves all the 50’s rock stars. There was something of a revival in the 1980’s. There are still a lot of Rockabilly fans around today.

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