Casualty: The model professional

connie casualty(Series 29, ep.30) Say what you like about Connie Beauchamp, but she looks fabulous even in a mug shot.

Connie spent the episode in a police station, being grilled by a detective who fancied himself as the next Cracker. Meanwhile his colleague roamed the corridors of Holby City Hospital getting Connie’s colleagues to verbally trip themselves up and land her further in trouble (even Ric Griffin was mentioned, though not seen).

It was all the more dramatic because as viewers we weren’t quite sure ourselves whether Connie had killed Alfred. A lot of evidence pointed to her being guilty – her conversations with Alfred, the fact that he’d left her £30,000 in his will and – most damning of all – the drugs she stole, which later turned up in his bloodstream. 

Luckily Connie had a trump card – she’d only given him a therapeutic dose of the pills and the rest were in her desk drawer at work. This hardly seems sensible behaviour, and it would be more likely that she’d have kept them at home or destroyed them, but then they’d have been out of the reach of Rita. Because Rita – who’d reported Connie to the police, was convinced of her guilt and also has several axes to grind – removed the pills before the police could get to them. Connie has now been charged with Alfred’s murder, while Rita is looking haunted and furtive with a pocket full of evidence.

Elsewhere, Cal wasn’t dealing at all well with the aftermath of Taylor, so Ethan has taken him under his wing and back in his flat. And Robyn was angry with Lofty for being a coward about telling her he isn’t interested in her in a romantic way. Frankly Robyn could do better anyway.

Next time: Connie on trial.


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4 responses to “Casualty: The model professional

  1. Emma Chaplin

    They seem to have transformed Rita into a pantomime villain, which I found tedious. Thinking Connie is guilty is one thing, moving evidence quite another. And even if Connie HAD given him the pills, the lack of apparent understanding/clarity of procedure from all the ‘professional’ staff about a DNR and what it means was also tedious and irritating.They could be handling this important issue with a great deal more sensitivity and consideration.

  2. mrssatan

    I too found this episode irritating. I kept expecting Rita to do an aside to the camera, rubbing her hands together while gleefully emitting a “Dick Dastardlyesque” laugh. The behaviour of the police was almost Selfie-esque too! Not Casualty’s best work 😕

  3. At least Rita’s looking haunted and furtive. I think she regretted pocketing the pills as soon as she’d done it.

    • mrssatan

      I thought it was more the fact that Charlie caught her in there and probably had a damn good idea what she was up to!

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