Holby City: Welcome to the Self Centre

selfie annabelle zosia holby(Series 17, ep.28) This was always going to be a transitional episode – last week’s festival of happy-ever-afters tied up so many loose ends and saw so many departures that it feels like Holby is moving into another phase (which thrillingly will involve the return of Henrik Hanssen and Oliver Valentine).

zosia annabelle selfie holbyThere was already a new arrival in the form of neurosurgeon Annabelle Cooper (Nina Wadia). When she arrived to start her new job at the Self Centre for Brains And That, she was surprised to discover it closely resembled a general surgery ward, namely the ward we usually refer to as Keller. It was a work in progress, explained Selfie to a clearly disappointed Annabelle, who’d been led to expect a facility like the one on Critical. She seems like a can-do sort of person, though, and rolled her sleeves up and got stuck into a day pleasantly filled with taking Zosia under her wing mainly to annoy Selfie. I like her already. 

dominic holbyAlso on Keller, Sacha approached Dominic for interior design advice, because he doesn’t want his cushions to disappoint Essie. Dominic is normally fairly happy to play up to a stereotype, but on this occasion he was a bit miffed. “You know, I too have a wotsit,” he said. “Please don’t talk about your wotsit,” said Sacha. In the preview version I watched originally, Dominic and Sacha actually said “penis,” but maybe you aren’t allowed to say “penis” on iPlayer, even in a medical drama. Even though it made the line funnier.

fletch holbyThere wasn’t much comedy to be had on AAU, where the Holby Finger of Fearful Fate was pointing at Fletch and his struggles to cope as a single dad. A school bus crash gave Fletch the double worry of discovering that daughter Evie is being bullied because he forgot/couldn’t afford to buy her some new shoes for school, and having to care for a malnourished young woman called Roza. He found Roza’s problems easier to deal with, by sending a social worker friend round to check that her family were okay. “You shouldn’t be too proud to ask for help,” he told her. Then he promised Evie that they would manage and he would get her some new shoes. Once again Alex Walkinshaw and Macey Chipping were very sweet as father and daughter.

adele mo holbyFathers and daughters were also on the agenda for Adele, who decided that Mo has been dithering too long (ooh, all of a fortnight) about whether to find out more about her biological father, and started rooting through hospital records. It wasn’t long before she had a name and full medical history, because apparently he’s no stranger to Holby (and it can only be a matter of time before the Finger of Fearful Fate beckons him in again). Mo wasn’t best pleased.

Next time: The episode we’ve all been waiting for – he’s back! Mr T! (MR T!!!) Oh, and so is Hanssen 😉


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8 responses to “Holby City: Welcome to the Self Centre

  1. Eilis

    Hello, Sue, and thank you for the review

    Afraid the idea of Selfie and Secret Escapes working together is too much for me. I had to close my eyes and ears. And I know there has to be a really big Holby Suspension of Disbelief over allowing an F2 (or is she still FI?) to do neurosurgery just like that but really!

    I hope HH puts a stop to it.

  2. mrssatan

    I was relieved (if that is the right word) that Selfie was back to being so much of a knob that I wanted to kick the screen in (which I’m glad I didn’t or else I would have missed the HH trailer – apologies to those I deafened due to my fangirl squeeing).

    I was left wondering what would happen to GS patients if the Self Centre became full (“Sorry there are no beds because Selfie is busy playing with brains and feeding his ego”).

    I enjoyed the interaction between Fletch and Smug… I am even warming to Smug; now that Posh and Barf have left he seems to be more compassion and less ego (although that could be because there is only room for one ego in Holby).

    Liked Mo’s reference to HH when she was wheeling the teacher into theatre 😉.

    All in all a pretty good episode – but next week will obviously be better!

  3. Jackie

    Hi, thanks for the review. I too like Dr Smug better than before. But I must admit to having a soft spot for him when he was not around Dr Posh. Looking forward to Mr Hansen return next week. Think Mr Self centre has met his match as Mr Hansen as well as being a brilliant surgeon, is also a good boss respected. Think he will soon have the hospital running smoothly.

  4. HolbyNut

    Bit of a come-down after last week – dozed off about 2/3 through. Says it all really.
    Can’t wait for next week!

  5. Emma Chaplin

    Sasha “doesn’t want his cushions to disappoint Essie”. No man does Sue…

  6. Hanssen has clearly got his work cut out, sorting out Selfie and re-calibrating the moral compass of the hospital. I’m confident he’s up to the task. The only thing he won’t be able to help with is Sacha’s soft furnishing dilemmas, because we saw in the Sweden episode that Hanssen’s taste in interior design is a tad austere.

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