Casualty: Arrested!

rita connie casualty(Series 29, ep.29) Alfred Maxwell is dead. And, as far as Rita is concerned at least, all the evidence points to Connie having killed him. At the end of the episode Connie was arrested, and all the evidence points at Rita as being the one who called the police.

It was a double shocker for the rest of the department, because they’d just finished applauding Connie for a bit of impromptu life-saving brain drilling in a broken-down lift. There aren’t many surgeons who’d be able to do that, and Rita was also stuck in the lift to witness it at first hand – presumably rather regretting calling the police, which she must have done prior to that. 

connie casualtyI have to say that my sympathies are with Connie at the moment – more so than at any time in her Casualty career so far. She was genuinely heartbroken by Alfred’s suffering and felt she was acting in his best interests (although there may still be a twist in the tale – it’s not 100% certain that she gave him the pills). Her feelings about her father’s death may have influenced her judgement, but Rita’s earlier run-ins with Connie may also have influenced her. It’s an interesting set-up for two strong characters.

cal ethan casualtyConnie’s wasn’t the only arrest. Cal received a call from Taylor, who’d been stabbed in the leg in a public toilet by a Bad Person (this is what happens when you’re a criminal – your acquaintances tend to be Bad People). Cal rushed to the rescue and found only the knife stood between Taylor and a life-threatening arterial bleed – so she promptly took the knife out. Blood everywhere. Cal summoned Ethan, who helped to stitch the artery, clean the toilet cubicle up and divert desperate toilet visitors to the gents (much cleaner than they used to be, apparently) – before delivering Taylor into the arms of the police. Well, it had to be done. There was a bit of a scrap between the brothers because Cal still had a slim hope that Taylor might be his One True Love, but Ethan proved that he’s made of stern moral fibre and he can also withstand being sat on by a bigger brother.

And just what did Dr Zoe Hanna get up to at the posh medical ball? Was she really sick on Selfie’s shoes? And if she was, why hasn’t someone posted footage of it on YouTube?

Sue H


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5 responses to “Casualty: Arrested!

  1. Mr Donnelly

    Does anyone who watched Casualty in 1991 remember Kelly Liddle, a student nurse who kept getting things wrong and ended up taking a suicidal overdose? The police woman who arrested Connie at the end of last night’s episode was the same actress (Adie Allen) who played her.

  2. thebigmart

    What’s the betting that it was not Rita that reported Connie. It was probably the carer, after Rita queried the medication, she probably put two and two together and reported her.

  3. wiggles

    What no mention of the marvellous Max and his advice to Lofty about how to let someone down gently (be more like Dylan – no offence!) and then how to be more like Dylan (can’t remember the whole thing but it was definite class and boiled down to just being mean)

  4. mrssatan

    I wondered if it was Rita who made the call. I know she was worked up about Alfred’s death and Connie’s involvement but I wasn’t sure she had actually gone as far as picking up the phone.

    I’m glad Taylor got arrested. I wanted to slap Cal senseless for still believing that she saw him as anything other than a means to an end. Well done Ethan 😉

  5. GLloyd

    It was a truely moving episode. I agree with what you said about the death of Connie’s father influincing her decision, although I also believe that her experiences with Gina Hope from when she worked on Darwin influenced her as well, remembering how painful it was watching her and Elliot say their goodbyes. The fact that Alfred had no-one to say goodbye to probably drew Connie closer to him and, potentially, led her into helping him die.

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