Holby City: Everything must go

harry mary claire holby(Series 17, ep.27) This episode left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling – which is surprising considering that large swathes of screen-time were occupied by Selfie blustering around the hospital corridors.

The writers did their best to reposition him as a man of integrity who really just wanted to do what he does best – drill people’s skulls. The CEO life wasn’t really for him, he realised. He wanted to be there at the soggy end with his fingers in a brain. To add to the sympathy factor, his late wife was invoked (it’s hard doing something when the person who loved you doing it is no longer there, or words to that effect) and he seemed more than a tad affected by Jac’s sudden disappearance (taking her deferred maternity leave, it turns out). The lack of Jac also worried Ric, who was at Selfie’s shoulder at regular intervals looking concerned. “There’s a super-centre roaring down the highway with no one at the wheel,” Ric said, and I wasted too long in trying to picture what that would look like. 

elliot selfie holbySelfie even apologised to Elliot for taking his Herzig away, though it was a fairly limp apology: “If I hadn’t taken away the Herzig you wouldn’t have discovered the Kibo,” he reasoned, with a classic bully’s defence, before promptly giving the Herzig back to Elliot because of that super-centre roaring down the highway. Because Selfie hasn’t really changed. Even though he no longer wants to be CEO, he’s not content with just being Mr Average Brain Surgeon (if such a thing exists). A quick phone call to the deep-pocketed Patsy Brassvine instantly secured funding for ‘The Guy Self Centre for Neurosurgery and Neurology’ (or Self Centre, for short). See? Just a normal Guy.

He announced all this to a bemused board of non-speaking extras and Ric, before putting Serena’s name forward as his replacement and assuring them that he’d work his notice – because despite having just given himself a new department and a new job, given Elliot a new job, suggested Serena for one and ruined the chances of Raf getting his Max Fac funding, he does like to stick to protocol wherever possible.

holby cityRight at the end, we paid a brief visit to the scene of domestic bliss that is the Naylor/Maconie household, to see Jac, Jonny and Emma playing Connect 4 (not a sentence I ever thought I’d write) and playing host to Elliot and Mo. It was absolutely adorable, as they all basked in happiness and the knowledge that the Reign of Self is all but over.

mary claire holbyAlso over was the Holby career of the glorious Mary-Claire, who has been one of my all-time favourite characters, and it was a fittingly lovely send-off for her (and for Jules Knight, leaving to continue his musical career). Filling all the wards with many boxes of her old toys, she prepared to say her goodbyes and go off to Chicago with her lovely dog Norman. But what of her true love, Dr Harry Posh? Well, I have to report that he’s made the best recovery from plastic surgery since Chrissie Williams and her vanishing scar, because he looks more or less back to normal. Having a bashed-in face made him reassess his priorities, though, and his priority now was revealed when an engagement ring fell out of his jacket pocket. It still took a bit of manoeuvring by Raf, Serena, Fletch and Digby (hilariously dressed as John Travolta in Grease) to get them together, though, and it could only be achieved by shutting them in the back of a fairy-light bedecked ambulance together. “Are you trying to bloody marry me, Harry?” said Mary-Claire. He is, too – and ‘MC Posh’ has quite a ring about it, I think. 

Romance was also in the air on Keller, where Essie and Sacha eventually said they loved each other. Sacha had apparently spent the night in his car, which I think he should do more often because it made his hair look pleasantly fluffy.

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14 responses to “Holby City: Everything must go

  1. Beaver

    Brilliant episode! Just goes to show that entertaining drama does not have to be depressing and that sometimes happy endings can be far more effective. Agreed re Mary Claire. Definitely one of the best ever (if not THE best ever) Holby characters. Warm, funny, entertaining, believable and so real!! So glad that she finally resolved things with her (Jules) Knight in shining armour and got that happy ending after the past two years of will they won’t they! 😉

  2. The episode had the feel of a series finale, without the disaster cliff hanger, with lots of loose ends being tied up and everyone generally happy. What will next week’s writer come up with?

  3. Lanita

    With luck the lovely Sacha leaving the saccharine clutches of the impossibly cloying Essie …..

  4. mrssatan

    HH is back on the 28th, so we still have one more week of Selfie being a complete d**k – roll on when he meets his match in HH.

    I loved this episode; there was so much positivity (although I agree with you about the Self Centre).

    Glad Mary-Claire got her happy ending, and I loved how everyone pulled together to make it happy.

    Brilliant review Sue 😂

    • Thank you, mrssatan. It was a very positive episode, wasn’t it? And the scene is being set for a Hanssen return, which is a delightful prospect.

      • mrssatan

        It is wonderful just how popular Henrik is, and I am so glad Guy Henry is reprising the role… (and okay, surprise surprise, I think he is very good looking)… 😊
        That aside, I am looking forward to Henrik being back at the helm and hopefully bringing back a sense of whatever passes as normality over at Holby

  5. Eilis

    Will really miss Mary-Clare, because she’s from these parts etc and I loved her. Glad she got a happy ending and will miss Jac and Jonny too.

    As Europe’s Leading Cardiothoracic Surgeon is languishing in A&E at the moment could she not be brought back into the fold. She’s very tiresome down there. I’ve never been a fan of either the actor or the character but she was much better in Holby than in Casualty.

    Cannot wait until HH gets back.

    Has Harry’s past been retconned? You put up a link on Twitter to the BBC’s compilation of his and Marie-Claire’s best moments and he mentioned his father had been an ambassador. I need to watch it again, perhaps it was a joke but the father we knew hadn’t been one surely?

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been flitting in and out and vaguely aware you’ve had more important things on your mind. I hope all is well now.xx

  6. Thunderchild

    Did no one think to draft in Connie Beauchamp?

    • Chloe Derbyshire

      Judging by what I’ve read about this weeks Casualty, which don’t worry I’m not going to spoil, that isn’t going to be possible any time soon…

      • Thunderchild

        Sadly I have….I’m really hating what they’re doing to Connie down in the ED. Back upstairs though and did anyone else get the impression Serena wasn’t all that fussed about the CEO position. Personally I’d like to see her turn it down rather than have her passed over yet again. Or better yet have her be the one make the call to HH.

  7. HolbyNut

    Not often we watch Holby with a series of Hurrahs, but here are 2 episodes in a row. And lols…loved Mary-Claire’s line “Are you trying to bloody marry me, Harry?” and Jac’s final line, something like “Funny how things work out…” with a wry smirk.
    Plus PLA brilliant with ‘Self Centre’ and ‘MC Posh’.

  8. I have one question: what is Ric’s job now? Busybody in Chief? I couldn’t understand why he seemed to be ordering Self around and speaking on behalf of the Board, whilst Deputy CEO Serena was downstairs dealing with teary nurses. The Holby boys club needs to stop.

    Mary-Clare was the best thing about this episode and I felt the ending made up for a lot. The blatant attempts to gain Self some sympathy were disappointing. As was Harry’s miraculous recovery, I think it would have been braver to show him moving on with his life and dealing with his disfigurement.

    Really going to miss Mary-Claire, she was an absolute delight.