Waterloo Road: Leo and Sonya let the school down

leo waterloo road(Series 10, ep.19) The penultimate episode, and a few plot strands were resolved. Justin was permanently excluded for cyber-bullying Bonnie, but a bit of detective work from Kenzie soon uncovered the real culprit to be mild-mannered younger Fitzgerald brother Leo. Oh, Leo. That’s no way to impress people. 

sonya waterloo roadPretending to have cancer is also no way to impress people, and when Sonya discovered that New Guy is gay, she realised she had no chance with him and confessed that she’d only been pretending to be ill to get his attention. That would have been as far as it went, because New Guy is a nice man and his sorrowful disappointment would have been punishment enough for Sonya. Unfortunately, blabbermouth Maggie told Lorna’s ex-husband – a hot shot PR man, apparently – that Sonya was bravely being the heart and soul of the school despite her terrible health burden. Hotshot PR man spied a hotshot PR opportunity, and Sonya was soon the poster girl for Waterloo Road. She had to confess all over again, this time in front of the assembled cast and non-speaking extras plus the local media. Oh, the shame.

christine waterloo roadThe most worrying part of the episode was Christine’s outfit. In vaguely Waterloo Road shades of yellow and burgundy, it looked like the kind of thing that would be worn by a deputy assistant manageress at a burger chain. PLA Jr said she could see it accessorised with a matching peaked cap and a sterile smile as Christine joylessly handed out balloons to the kiddies.

Vaughan Waterloo RoadNext week is the last ever episode. At this rate it’s going to go out with a whimper rather than a bang, but you never know with WR.

Sue H

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