Holby City: Measuring contests

jonny holby(Series 17, ep.20) Why is Selfie doing chest compressions on a Darwin patient? Why does Jonny want to keep going with the resuscitation attempt even though it’s been 30 minutes already? Why do Elliot and Selfie think they should stop? Why does Jonny Mac start trashing stuff afterwards?

And… flashback to several hours earlier. Julie Kale is a patient without long to live (we know that already because we just saw her die) – and all that’s standing between her and the Grim Reaper at this point is Elliot and his shiny new, only ever tested on Oliver Valentine, Kibo device. Julie’s ready, her husband is ready (he has short-term memory issues following an accident – which will be important later), Elliot and the staff are ready – and Selfie is ready, because it’s another chance to show off the world-beatingness of Holby. 

Unfortunately with hospitals, those squidgy, inconvenient things known as patients keep cropping up to ruin the very best laid plans, and an accident at the docks meant every ward was swarming with at least one extra patient.

elliot selfie holbyJulie and her Kibo had better wait until the next day, reasoned Elliot and Jonny. Selfie disagreed. “I’m striving for excellence,” he muttered between clenched teeth at Darwin’s top nurse, adding a little threat: “Not everyone will make the cut. You’re looking tired – I do hope you’re getting enough rest.” (He wasn’t, thanks to extra shifts and Emma not being well).

So it was off to theatre with Julie, the Kibo was installed, and all might have ended happily. But remember how the Kibo is 50% toilet roll middles and pipe cleaners and 50% batteries? Jonny showed Memory Loss husband how to change the battery, but was called away (on account of the ward being super extra busy) before he had time to properly log it on the chart. When things were getting a bit beepy later, Memory Loss husband fixed the problem – by changing the new battery back to the old battery. The battery died and Julie soon followed it, and now Jonny is going to be right in the frame when Questions are asked. And Jac is probably going to shout at him too when she finds out Emma is ill. I predict an unhappy week for Jonny next week.

harry tom holbyWhen there’s been an accident at the docks you expect more mayhem than usual on AAU, but there was still plenty of time for us to ponder Mary-Claire’s romantic life. A rather thrilling helicopter medic called Tom, who had no qualms about taking someone’s leg off at the scene without anaesthetic, turned out to be an old flame of Mary-Claire’s. They had planned to move to Australia together once upon a time, but he’d bottled out. As luck would have it, he was once again just about to go to Australia and he offered Mary-Claire a job with him. She was tempted, not least because he was a bit of a hunk (memo to Oliver Kent: could we possibly have Tom on Casualty, please? I feel a regular helicopter crew would be an enhancement. Though possibly a tad expensive). Dr Harry Posh was jealous, and the two men got all competitive. “I hate to break up the measuring contest, guys,” Mary-Claire said, in an effort to keep their minds on work.

harry mary claire holbyMary-Claire’s mind is on work as well as romance, and Ric (we’ve seen him two weeks running!) told her she’d been doing her job rather well recently. What she really wanted was for Harry to beg her not to leave, and she gave him a chance to do it but he didn’t take it. So she’s told Tom she’s interested in the job, but not in him – when he kissed her, it was just “fine,” and she really wants more than fine.

dominic digby holbyThere were men being competitive on Keller as well, to complete a full house. In this case it was Digby and Dominic. Digby asked Dominic to cover for him while he took his girlfriend Maria for breakfast, because he’d hardly seen her recently. Dominic was about as cooperative as Selfie (though obviously with much better hair). By the end of a shift where they eventually had to collaborate to solve a tricky problem (which either of them could probably have sorted with a quick call to a senior colleague or Doctor Google), Dominic agreed that Digby could go out for his breakfast. “We’re not about to form a band or get matching tattoos,” he added, just in case Digby was getting ideas above his station.

Sue H


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7 responses to “Holby City: Measuring contests

  1. I’m worried about those Kibo batteries! They don’t seem to last long (2 hours max?), so you’d need a drawer full of spares, and what’s the procedure for disposing of the dead ones? I predict problems (but hopefully Husband has written down what he did in his Moleskine).

  2. mrssatan

    I have been waiting for your review because since 20:00 last night I have had the overwhelming urge to rant.

    Rant 1: Selfish – the way this idiot is going the hospital will not be a centre of excellence, instead it will be a pile of festering crap. He is a glory seeker, not caring about his staff or patients, all he wants are shiny little soundbites to stick on his CV (polished turds in his case) and he isn’t remotely interested in who he walks over (or kills) in the process. I want a tv invented where you can reach through the screen and bitch slap him. The Kibo procedure should never have gone ahead.

    Rant 2: Air Ambulance – you have a major incident at the docks, and you have to call in the air ambulance. They take ONE patient to hospital and then, instead of heading back to the scene or returning to base to await further calls, the on-duty trauma doctor spends the rest of the shift faffing about the hospital, flirting with a nurse and taking part in testosterone pissing contests with another doctor!

    Rant 3: why the hell are all the staff so scared of Selfish? Don’t they have a whistleblowing policy? Care is being compromised by an ego writing cheques a body can’t cash. Instead of kowtowing to him they should be taking a leaf out of Jonny’s book. If enough people speak out then something has to happen… Please!

    Rant 4: Digby’s and Dominic – enough of their pathetic one-upmanship, they should be moved to separate wards. This pathetic behaviour has been going on forever and they don’t seem to be learning from their mistakes…

    Sorry for the long post but I have been furious since the first the opening scene.

  3. mrssatan

    Sue, you are amazing!!! Thank you for the link; made my week!


  4. ms boods

    Eeep! Hadn’t seen that promo, and now am well chuffed. So pleased to see Hanssen!

  5. Jackie

    Just watched the spring promo, and when Henrik appeared at the end I punched the air and said yes. Think I am getting far to involved with it. Lol. Hope Johnny and Harry are OK they are not my favourite characters but hopefully everything will turn out I’m. Loving Digby.

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