Casualty: In loving memory

charlie connie casualty(Series 29, ep.22) In this episode, we received an explanation about why Connie is currently an ED doctor rather than a CT surgeon. It took a lot of coaxing by Charlie to get her to part with the information, but nobody can withstand a Charlie coax for long. It turns out that her father died after being left uncared for on a trolley for 45 minutes (not at Holby, because several people were anxious to point out that things like that never happen at Holby). So it’s Connie’s mission to ensure that doesn’t happen to anybody else. 

I think we can all relate to that – particularly those of us who saw her struggle with her own helplessness when her father was ill on the wards upstairs. The response of a control-freak personality to that sort of thing is to get even more control-freaky.

This doesn’t mean it’s the best way to approach a department that isn’t exactly dysfunctional anyway. The Casualty staff have always responded better to carrots than sticks, but it’s a lesson Connie still hasn’t learned despite all the touchy-feeliness in the aftermath of Jeff’s death, and Connie’s acknowledgement that she needed the warmer personality of Dr Zoe Hanna back in the department.

rita dylan casualtyConnie’s latest recruit, Dr Dylan Keogh, would seem to be a better fit for the Connie Beauchamp approach to management. She reckoned they’d be a good team in the battle against “the culture of mediocrity,” but Dylan told her he didn’t do teams. He does do credit where it’s due, though, and he worked well with Lofty this week in looking after a woman who had pretended to have cancer to cover for the fact that she pulled her hair out and ate it when stressed. She needed an operation for a furball.

Other patients included a girl with Tourette’s and an eye condition who was in denial about the help she needed (I have the feeling we might see her again), and a nice lady who’d been diagnosed by an even nicer dog. Dylan reiterated his belief that dogs were nicer than people, but the lady told him that people always come first. Dylan looked like this was a newish concept to him and had a quick think about it before dismissing it as hippy nonsense.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Max are still keeping their relationship a secret by having romantic meetings on the roof, where they were almost caught out by Robyn, who is the only staff member who ever looks up.

Sue H


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4 responses to “Casualty: In loving memory

  1. fredpipes

    The old lady with tics living in her back (rather than the attractive young woman with tics) was apparently once a companion to Dr Who!

    • ms boods

      Yep, that was Katy Manning (I *love* the jacket she wore in this episode), and she played Jo Grant with Jon Pertwee’s Doctor.

  2. Jeremy C

    You missed out Zoe’s quick response to Robyn- “I’m taking a selfie” which was hilarious.

  3. I stopped watching Cas for a while during the original Dylan Keogh years, I feel I have missed much hilarity.

    Connie, I didn’t like much on Holby and still don’t now, even with the whole dead dad thing I still think she’s a selfish bitch who’s only in the department to get the praise of Guy “the snake” Self.

    It was nice to see Charlie doing his Jedi stuff on her too. I know Derek Fairhead has limited his hours on the show, but nice to see he is still an integral part of Holby ED.

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