Waterloo Road: Justin ruins another shirt

justin leo waterloo road(Series 10, ep.17) Family therapy time, and Yaughan, Pooky and the kids were assembled in front of a fairly useless-seeming counsellor, getting more upset by the minute. Yaughan refused to get involved, Pooky ended up in the ladies’ puffing an illicit fag and unburdening herself to Christine, Leo sulked and Justin ruined another school shirt by fighting and bleeding all over it. 

justin waterloo roadThe fight was all about the tiresome love quadrangle between Justin, Scott, Kenzie and Bonnie, though technically it’s a love triangle, with Bonnie as a sort of outlying catalyst to all the aggravation. Thanks to Leo, she wasn’t being bullied online any more, but those sneaky bullies have found a way to get to her by olde worlde means – stuffing nasty notes in her pockets. Even Leo is powerless against that kind of technology. My money is on the bully being the non-speaking extra who was standing next to Bonnie in the lunch queue. Her level of fake tan suggests she’s trying to compete with Scotland’s most orange student.

Meanwhile, in a storyline Jeremy Kyle would condemn as “sick and twisted,” Sonya was still leaving everyone under the impression she has cancer, because she’s enjoying the attention from New Guy.

dale waterloo roadLuckily she was spared the caring concern of Maggie this week, because she had Cycling Dale to worry about. I think even the Fitzgeralds’ useless counsellor would be able to spot that Maggie goes a tad overboard with the s/mothering of people in her charge. Dale rebelled against having his calories counted and his bike repossessed by stealing Maggie’s car and doing doughnuts with it on a piece of waste ground.

abdul waterloo roadAbdul, who last week discovered he was not the biological son of Mubbs off of Holby, this week found out he’d actually been stolen from his birth mother, who is very much alive and as we speak is en route from Lahore. Even though Mubbs hadn’t done the stealing himself (he’d just not been terribly thorough about looking into the background of the child he was adopting), he’s been arrested by Scott’s dad, the only policeman in the area.

And in the ongoing competition between New Guy and New Marco, New Guy is currently ahead after having to rescue New Marco from being locked in a cupboard by Cycling Dale.

Sue H

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One response to “Waterloo Road: Justin ruins another shirt

  1. Dreamer

    It’s probably just me, but I think Leo is the bully…
    Will we ever find the vice principal’s secret? There’s only 3 episodes to go, right?

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