Holby City: Worried about the Kidds

sacha jac holby(Series 17, ep.18) By inserting triplet brothers into this weeks cast and giving them the surname Kidd, writer Matthew Broughton more or less ensured I’d have to have some sort of Kidd-related title this week.

mo holbyThe Kidds – River, Hector and Marmaduke (I can just picture their parents) – had a rare blood group, which meant poor River ended up being a blood bank for the other two and for his late mother. Yup, he was a veritable River of blood. Mo didn’t think that was very fair, especially not when it compromised his own health, and when his position in the family was vaguely reminiscent of her own as the Effanga who’s always been a bit different. On the subject of which, Ma Effanga popped in for an Outpatient appointment and gave Mo a shoebox containing old family photos etc, to try to help her make sense of her place in the Effanga dynasty. 

harry serena mo holbyWhile River Kidd was relaxing on Darwin waiting to see which of his brothers was in most urgent need of his precious blood, Marmaduke Kidd was on AAU waiting for gall bladder surgery and Hector Kidd was on Keller with a tear in his kidney. This all resulted in a multi-ward case conference, in which Mo went in to bat for River before his brothers bled him dry, Harry argued the case for Marmaduke to have the elective surgery he needed because he had to get out of hospital and sort out the family finances, and Sacha trumped everybody because Hector had just become an emergency case. It was all quite thrilling.

With all that going on, it was hardly surprising that Sacha didn’t notice Rachel sneaking out of the hospital, stealing Digby’s bike and heading off down one of Holby’s picturesque forest paths to rendezvous with Kreepy Kerrigan.

rachel sacha holbyThe only person who had a clue where she might have gone was Digby, who’d read coded messages from Kreepy on her phone (she asked him to, for some reason – did she really want him to stop her?). I absolutely loved the little disapproving shake of his head when he said “Text speak.” By putting two and two together, Sacha was soon heading off down the same forest paths in his Merc, which was a lot faster than a bike ridden by a very ill teenager (she had a heart thing by now, it wasn’t just the infected tattoo). He was able to spot her route because she’d left a handy trail of bloodstained tissues, and her found her collapsed and bleeding from her face.

Back at Holby Jac did her usual wonders in surgery and Rachel will be fine, but she lost the baby. There was no news about what happened to Kreepy Kerrigan or (more importantly) Digby’s bike.

mary claire harryDown on AAU, it looks like Dr Harry Tressler-Posh has fallen in love – with the wonderful Mary-Claire. Since she withdrew the benefits from their friends-with-benefits arrangement, he’s now seeing her in a more rosy-tinted light, perked up by jealousy that she’s dating someone called Adam who wants to take her to Berlin for the weekend.

And on the subject of the males in Mary-Claire’s life, the adorable Norman (the dog she acquired last week) followed her to work. He really is a keeper.

And thanks to everyone’s efforts in all three wards, the Kidds were alright.

Sue H


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5 responses to “Holby City: Worried about the Kidds

  1. Natalie52

    Loved the conference! I love it when they mix it up a bit, Sacha and MC constantly walking past each other. It’s nice to be reminded that they’re all in the same hospital.
    Great blogs, it’s all part of my weekly Holby ritual. Holby, then blog, now I’m off to check the forum and see what they’ve complained about this week!

  2. HolbyNut

    OK, enough is enough! Poor Sasha deserves a break – bring back Effie for a bit of love and romance for the only man who who could pass for a Labradoodle.

  3. Is Norman living with M-C now or does he just turn up now and then for a biscuit? Loved how Jac spoke to The Brat in theatre… Totally confused by the triplets!

  4. MvOC

    Enjoyed this episode despite the fact it’s been the same characters in focus for the last few weeks and they’ve previously bored me. This episode seemed a bit more dynamic. It was nice to see the wards interlinking. M-C can do so much better than Tressler the Tosser and I dread him coming to her “rescue” next week. Fletch’s continued chirpiness was weird. It was nice to see Jac doing some actual surgery it feels like ages since we’ve seen her in action without Selfie sniffing at her heels!

  5. Digby reading “text speak” was the highlight. Though clumsily thrown in so they could easily figure out where Rachel had gone later. I was again almost shouting at Sacha to report the teacher. I know Sacha is laidback and trusting and lovely but I’m not sure I’m buying that he would for a second consider letting Kerrigan get away with what he’d done just because Rachel threw a wobbly.
    The ward conference was a good touch, even if it was a bit shouty. I’ve gone from intensely disliking Harry, to not really noticing whether he was there or not, back to wishing he’d get run over in the hospital carpark. I’ll be very cross if he’s being set-up to play M-C’s knight in shining armour next week.

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