Waterloo Road: Too motivated for his own good

dale waterloo road(Series 10, ep.16) Mock exam week and the pressure was on. Cycling Dale, who as we know hasn’t been eating properly/at all since we first met him (and has been purging at the other end with laxatives), is so driven that he even found a way to still train while taking his exam. Basically you ignore the exam paper, clench your fists and put your head down and visualise riding your bike. This does nothing to prepare you for those all-important exams, but Dale’s focus was all about sport anyway. 

A double tragedy, then, that nobody apart from Lenny had really noticed he never eats and it all ended in him collapsing after a cycling trial. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Maggie has now determined to Keep An Eye On Him. 

sonya waterloo roadMaggie has her work cut out, what with Keeping An Eye on Dale and remembering to cast sympathetic glances at Sonya at regular intervals. Everyone still thinks that Sonya has cancer. She was going to tell them otherwise, but what with New Guy being so nice to her and so buff and everything, she still hasn’t quite got round to it. When this comes out, which it will, everyone is going to be very cross because Jeremy Kyle says pretending to have cancer is Unforgivable.

Something that’s apparently more forgivable is your mum sleeping with your ex-boyfriend. At least it’s preferable to staying at the school house with Maggie Keeping An Eye on you, which was the alternative Kenzie was presented with, so she and her mum had a lovely reconciliation.

leo waterloo roadMeanwhile her rival, Bonnie, is still getting abusive txt msgs. Vaughan asked his computer game-addict son Leo for help with this – was it possible to block incoming abusive txt msgs pls? Leo – who has been my favourite of the newbies in this series – spied an opportunity to get his hands on the forbidden fruit of Bonnie’s laptop (not a euphemism), and it was no time at all before the Shadow Warrior was back in the game. His mother Pooky Quesnel now insists he’s got to live with her, because that Vaughan can’t be trusted with anything. Shame he’s the headmaster, really.

In other news, the rivalry between New Guy and New Marco continued. And Abdul discovered that he’s not the biological son of Mubbs off of Holby and was, in fact, adopted from an orphanage.

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