Casualty: The Robin Hood of Holby

dylan casualty(Series 29, ep.20) Holby A&E was being inspected by a team of inspectors, including Dr Dylan Keogh. Despite having previously worked at the department and living on a boat with one of the staff, he is actually a robot so can be relied upon to be objective.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a day when you’d want a reception area full of clowns and a staff member (Lofty) with a clown phobia. Not the day either for the department’s IT system to catastrophically fail. 

This failure was down to Robyn inserting a strange USB stick into the computer. Not her brightest move, but she thought it would give a clue to the identity of a patient who’d just gone walkabout. All it did was to knacker the computers, phones, pager system and just about anything of any use apart from Honey’s refreshment trolley (which is analogue).

naveem choudhry casualtyThe USB stick belonged to Riaz (Naveed Choudhry, AKA Tariq off of Waterloo Road), a hi-tech Robin Hood who stole from cash machines and stuffed the proceeds through the letterboxes of the Farmead Estate. Sadly he didn’t have time to get to Big Mac’s letterbox (Big Mac is still strapped for cash and had to help himself to more beans and mandarin segments from the food bank cupboard), because he was too busy collapsing with a heart problem. Later on he started throwing cash around the waiting room (which actually put a smile on the faces of some of the clowns) – but once again Big Mac failed to benefit, as he was spotted trying to trouser a £20.

max zoe casualtyThe IT problem was fixed by Max (with help from Riaz), and Zoe was impressed. “You’re not just a porter,” she told him. Not the most gushing compliment he’s ever received, I’m sure, but there was something about Zoe’s tone of voice when she said it. At the end of her shift she went out to find a trail of lighters. Max likes to express his love for her via the medium of smoking paraphernalia. “Dare I ask what’s the occasion?” she dared ask him. “You,” he said. “It’s always you.” Well darn me if that wasn’t the most romantic Zoe moment since she and Nick Jordan had a twilight hot dog together. Max had even refilled her lighter (literally as well as metaphorically). “Some flames aren’t meant to go out,” said Zoe, warmly (literally as well as metaphorically).

connie casualtyIf only things were equally harmonious between Connie and… well, Connie and everybody, really. Dylan told her there’d been complaints about her management style, so she immediately assumed Rita had been moaning about her. It was actually still fallout from the Hayley Blake business, but Connie and Rita are firm enemies now. Connie also locked horns with Cal, who admittedly had disappeared mid-shift for what Ethan accurately described as a “booty call” with girlfriend Taylor. And he did do a broncoscopy when Connie had told him not to. But it was a successful broncoscopy and he didn’t kill anyone. On a shift like the one they’d just had, that was quite a result – and almost as miraculous as Lofty overcoming his clown phobia and learning to juggle.

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8 responses to “Casualty: The Robin Hood of Holby

  1. Thunderchild

    Casualty really has ruined Connie; while she certainly had her moments in Holby at least she was portrayed as human, here she’s just plain horrible with no redeeming qualities whatsoever anymore. I really wouldn’t miss her at all if she went.

    I also find it ironic that given Zoe was suddenly made to look an inept leader simply as a plot device for the Connie takeover she has emerged the more competent staff member.

  2. Jeremy C

    ROFL- “Despite having previously worked at the department and living on a boat with one of the staff, he is actually a robot.” An incredibly funny robot, I hasten to add.

  3. fredpipes

    Great review once more with at least three laugh out loud moments! Why is Big Mac so skint? And does Cal have a time machine to get there and back so quickly?

  4. Would you not have to download / run a program off the USB stick to create a virus? I didn’t think just putting it in would cause damage??

  5. wiggles

    Wasn’t that fussed by the rest of the episode but did a(n internal) dance when Max and Zoe got back together – roll on the Love Hearts!!

  6. wiggles

    Also, does anyone know how Max DID know how to fix the hospital computer systems? I only started watching again regularly when the (to be honest, at the moment, not so very) divine Mrs B returned so am wondering if I’ve missed some of his back-story