Holby City: Don’t give your heart to just anybody

mary claire holby(Series 17, ep.17) The Darwin and AAU stories intertwined this week. Darwin contained a boy who was brain-dead and was therefore a potential organ donor. At the top of the list for a heart/lung transplant was another Holby person, so to keep the families separate as protocol demanded, the potential recipient had to stay on AAU. 

melanie gutteridge holbyThat’s the bare bones of it, if you also throw in the ‘parents disagree about whether to donate the organs’ angle. It’s a story we’ve seen before (not surprisingly, as Darwin contains a specialist transplant team), but it was beautifully played out by everyone involved and in fact was a bit of a heartbreaker, if that’s not an insensitive word to use under the circumstances. Melanie Gutteridge was particularly good as the mother of the brain-dead boy. There was also lovely work from Jonny Mac, Mo and Jesse, who handled the issues and the parents’ grief with great professionalism and sensitivity.

mc harry holbyOn AAU, Mary-Claire was accused of being a bit less professional and sensitive when the transplant recipient and his wife worked out that the donor family were up on Darwin. “Back to form,” Serena tutted at her (a bit rich considering it was Serena’s idea for MC to go for a permanent job), and MC got no support at all from Harry, who seems to be interpreting ‘friends with benefits’ as being more about the benefits – for him.

Mary-Claire had her hands full anyway, as she was in charge of the ward while Fletch had to look after his kids, and one of the people she was looking after was Pat the Tramp, a frequent visitor to Holby and someone she knew well. He was concerned about his missing dog, but he was also concerned about Mary-Claire, as he could see that Harry wasn’t valuing her properly and he had a go at him about it.

mary claire holby citySerena’s “back to form” quip could be better directed at Harry, who was once again being superior, insensitive and a bit of a twonk. When Pat died, Harry totally ignored MC’s feelings by saying it was just as well that Pat had no family and nobody to grieve for him. Mary-Claire had had enough. She told him Pat was a real person just like she is, and she’s bloody good at her job. Yay, MC! Then she turned down his offer of a ‘social engagement’ with him and went out into the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. I was writing down ‘where she finds Pat’s dog’ even before she found Pat’s dog, because it was kind of inevitable, but it was lovely anyway because he was a lovely dog and Mary-Claire took him home with her. A reliable, faithful and cuddly friend is really what she deserves.

dominic sacha holbyWhich brings me on to Sacha, though maybe ‘reliable’ isn’t the word for him, as he’d completely forgotten that it was Rachel’s birthday. Standard teenage girl behaviour would have been to drop so many hints you wouldn’t be able to forget, but Rachel has had other things on her mind recently. One of the things on her mind has been Kreepy Kerrigan, the father of her pregnancy. Sacha thinks they aren’t in touch any more, but they are – and they’re making plans. Oh-oh.

cake holbySacha’s plans for Rachel’s birthday consisted of sending Dominic out to buy party stuff. He came back with a brilliantly disturbing cake (it looked like a peculiar hybrid of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ and ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ rendered in icing), which Rachel threw up on in a spectacular ‘blowing out the candles/morning sickness’ mishap.

Sacha tried to make up for this by giving Rachel a driving lesson. Is he going to regret this when she steals a car and heads for Gretna Green with Kreepy K? He can’t say I haven’t warned him.

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7 responses to “Holby City: Don’t give your heart to just anybody

  1. Rose

    Well done MC! I never understood Serena’s decision to ask MC to apply for a permanent position as she never seemed particularly impressed by her and last night’s comment brought that back.

    That cake had a suitable ending – where on earth did Dominic find it?! Love Dominic! He provides much needed quirkiness on Keller that’s been missing since Chantelle left (even though Dominic’s brand of quirkiness is tinged with crazy!)

    Was so happy to see the photo of Hanssen/Guy Henry back on set! Given Rosie has had her baby and obviously hasn’t been filming, I wonder does that mean Jac won’t be around for Hanssen’s return?

  2. Found myself grumbling abuse at the mum of the brain dead boy for being a selfish cow. I suspect I wouldn’t be best suited to Jonny Mac’s job! How does he switch from transplant co-ordinator to bereavement nurse though?

    Dominic is sheer brilliance and I would happily watch an entire episode of him just going about his day. Serena is my other big fav and these little throwaway scenes she’s been getting for the last few weeks isn’t good enough! We need more of these two!

  3. MvOC

    Sacha is infuriating! Where’s Mamma Levy to shake some sense into him? I nearly fell over when they said Rachel was 17! She looks 13 at the most! I thought the “fried cat at 12 o’clock” moment was the highlight of Keller scenes. I guess Zosia is all better now then?

    I’m so afraid MC is going to be sacrificed, like Gemma was, just to give Harry something to do. Michael Spence was a player but at least he had redeemable qualities, Harry is just a pain in the wotsit!

    Saw photos of Rosie Marcel’s baby – absolutely adorable! I wonder how they’ve written her out. And that photo on Twitter showed Hanssen on Darwin… maybe he’s retrained as a CT surgeon whilst he was away and come back to fill in for Jac! Well, it is Holby-land and Adele has gone from holiday rep/reluctant HCA to trainee nurse/medical genius/saint in the space of a few months so anything is possible!

    Speaking of photos, is it true Guy Henry and Lauren Drummond are a couple? I didn’t see it but heard that one of those Guy Henry pages on Facebook announced it. Poor Rob if that’s the case! Awkward!

    • Saffy

      Maybe Adele will be covering for Jac whilst she’s away! She was in theatre “observing” last week… In the Life of Adele thats like 10 years study for mere mortals!
      I saw the photo of Guy and Lauren, I didn’t read the comments but apparently people commenting and the Guy Henry Page wished them all the best so I presume that means they’re together – never would have predicted that, but each to their own!
      With the transplant story I think it would have been better to maybe to not go for the “happy” ending and have the mother stick to her guns saying no. As you say in the review we’ve seen this story before, having the mother refuse to donate the organs and showing the effect it had on the potential recipient would have made it more interesting.

  4. Thunderchild

    Can’t wait until “the fifth member of ABBA” returns!

  5. HolbyNut

    Shed a tear numerous times during this week’s HC – the transplant story was just heartbreaking (and yes, PLA, agree that it is just the right word!) MC would actually be the making of Harry if he would just realise it, but I fear that ‘Friends with Benefits’ is over. Do we think Jac will leave by going to the US?