Waterloo Road: An interesting afternoon

leo waterloo road(Series 10, ep.15) “Must… have… LAPTOP!” Leo Fitzgerald stormed through this episode like The Incredible Hulk in a school uniform, his eyes glazed, his hair uncombed, not allowing anything to get between him and the computer game he’s addicted to. And I mean addicted. When his laptop was confiscated he took to begging, borrowing and stealing anybody else’s, just to get back in the game. Nobody was safe – even poor Sonya received a facial/laptop whacking when she tried to get between the Shadow Warrior and his objective. 

Vaughan, distracted as usual, eventually got on top of the problem and promised to put his sons above his work. Then he immediately failed to follow through by sending Leo home on his own for a little sleep (it was the end of the school day) while he stayed behind at Waterloo Road to sit in his office and have a think.

audrey waterloo roadThere was a lot to think about, to be fair. In the ongoing debate about whether Waterloo Road should merge with Havelock High, Havelock is currently ahead by virtue of having a school canoe (handy for when the sprinkler system in the science block malfunctions), by not having pupils almost blinded during science lessons, and by not having pupils reading out erotic novels over the school address system. Erotic novels written by history teacher Audrey McFall (“Is it me or is she on wheels?” George said, in the best line of the episode).

bonnie waterloo roadMeanwhile, Bonnie was still being sent nasty texts (mainly nasty because they were all in txt spk and I thought we were over that now). She also showed a shocking ignorance of how mobile phones work by assuming that only people she could physically see when the text arrived could possibly be sending it.

And Sonya doesn’t have cancer, only everybody else thinks she does because New Guy told them she did and Sonya inexplicably did nothing to correct them.

Sue H

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