Casualty: Come dine with Big Mac

big mac casualty(Series 29, ep.19) Big Mac, Noel, Honey and Louise have a Come Dine With Me type cooking thing going. They take turns to impress each other with the amazingness of their cuisine (while the others rummage in their knicker drawer and bicker, if it’s anything like the real CDWM). The problem is that it’s Big Mac’s turn and he has no money for ingredients. 

The reason for this wasn’t explained (or I missed it if it was), but times are hard for everybody. For some reason Big Mac didn’t feel able to say to his mates, “I’m a bit strapped for cash, like,” so he pawned his army medal. This was lucky as it turned out, because he was just leaving the pawn shop in time to save the life of a person who’d stabbed himself in the leg, to pretend he’d been mugged rather than admit he’d gambled away all his brother’s money. You can see the ‘desperate-measures-to-avoid-admitting-financial-embarrassment’ parallels quite easily there.

Having managed to get the two brothers reconciled (it took the self-stabbed one having a cardiac arrest first), Big Mac then failed to take their advice and come clean to his friends about his financial worries (he’d backed a losing horse with the medal money, and was therefore back at square one). As a result, he will be serving his mates the contents of Robyn’s Food Bank cupboard. If this is anything like the harvest festival collection at PLA Jr’s schools over the years, there’ll be a lot of baked beans on the menu. And possibly tinned mandarin segments for pudding and/or garnish. 

Lofty and Connie were also helping to reconcile a divided family, in this case a father and his son. Throughout the episode, whenever the topics of parents or children were mentioned, Connie would sigh and look introspective. Occasionally she would look at pictures of Grace, to remind us why she was sighing and introspective. There was, however, a genuinely moving moment – when the boy she was looking after was being anaesthetised, as he fell asleep he asked for his mum and held Connie’s hand.

This all convinced Connie that it wasn’t too late to make amends with Grace, so she composed a quick email. After a brief spat with Rita, she deleted it, because she has priorities.

Honey’s priority is trying to get Ethan back to where he was when he almost kissed her, but he’s so shy that she’s going to have her work cut out. I’m confident she’ll succeed, though, because she’s got Dr Lily Chao advising. It’s a dream team, I tell you.

Sue H

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  1. wiggles

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who was puzzled by Big Mac’s pecuniary position – it’s the end of the month, surely he should have just been paid???

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