Waterloo Road: Four go mad at Kilruskin Hostel

justin kenzie waterloo road(Series 10, ep.14) I’m surprised they haven’t banned school trips at Waterloo Road years ago. They never pass off without incident, particularly when one of the supervising teachers is so lazy she lets her group wander off while she has a quiet read, and the other one is inexperienced, boring and a bit useless. 

bonnie scott waterloo roadOlga Fitzgerald was the teacher who let her group go looking for igneous rocks (or something) without as much as an educational handout for company. What could go wrong in a group of deeply sensible 18 year olds, including her own dear son Justin, who only a few short weeks ago was trying to run off with his sort-of step-sister? It also included Bonnie, who’s been “sleeping” with both Justin and Slimy Scott, and Kenzie, who used to “sleep” with Slimy and who last week was humiliated by the aforementioned Bonnie.

Actually, under the circumstances it could all have turned out a lot worse. It did all end in tears (Kenzie’s, when she found out that Slimy had been “sleeping” with her disabled mother; and Bonnie’s because everyone thinks she’s a slapper). Bonnie plunged down a ravine, but seemed to incur nothing worse, injury-wise, than a mislaid ankle-welly.

Meanwhile the other group were bonding with new teacher Marco, when he demonstrated he wasn’t afraid to get a face full of fizzy pop in the name of education and Getting Down With These Kids. It was a heartwarming moment.

dale lenny guy waterloo roadBack at the seat of learning we’ve come to know as Waterloo Road, cheese was going missing from the staff fridge, a dressing gown had been spotted in the cloakroom and New Guy’s classroom cupboard was full of shaving essentials. Vaughan – who is as sharp as a razor himself, obviously – deduced that New Guy was sleeping at the school. Rather sweetly, he chose to turn a blind eye to this as long as New Guy promised to sort out alternative accommodation, which he temporarily has thanks to George Windsor.

Cycling Dale took a funny turn during training, but Lenny didn’t immediately associate this with him having low blood sugar even though he’d been refusing meals all episode. Lenny was preoccupied anyway, wooing the lovely Carrie via the medium of poetry.

They could use this one

*They could use this one

In other news, Sonya is still worried about her health (“I’m not being funny, Christine, but life really is too short”); Lorna is being suspiciously slow to provide a photograph for the school website* (ooh – shades of Rachel Mason?); and Leo is so addicted to playing his hand-held computer game thingy that it’s blotting out the real world. Blotting out Waterloo Road, anyway – which, as we’ve learned long ago, is not quite the same thing.

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