Holby City: Bigger, stronger, wiser, kind

sacha holby city(Series 17, ep.16) In adjacent Keller beds, for convenience, we had Sacha’s daughter Rachel still recovering from an infected tattoo, and a woman who during the course of the episode became a convicted murderer (the court case was proceeding without her). They usually flank criminal types with prison staff or police, but this woman had some vague connection with Selfie, so there was no need.

Last week we learned that Rachel is pregnant, and the father was assumed to be her best friend, the rather lovely Lloyd. Unfortunately for Sacha and especially Rachel, it turns out that the father is her teacher, Kreepy Kerrigan. Was I the only one who felt a bit queasy when he told Rachel he loved her? 

sacha kerrigan holbySacha (new motto: “Bigger; stronger; wiser; kind.” It’s some parenting thing) employed a great deal of compassion when dealing with the convicted criminal, Leila. He thought her murderous behaviour might have a medical basis and wanted her to appeal. He – understandably – was far less tolerant about the actions of his daughter’s teacher and was ready to smash his face in and/or call the police. Rachel showed how absolutely mature she is by stamping her foot, going sulky and saying more or less that she would scweam and scweam until she was sick. Kreepy Kerrigan showed his maturity by legging it at the first opportunity.

Poor Sacha. I only hope that Essie has got her flight from Munich booked, because he needs all the help he can get at the moment.

mo adele holbyOn Darwin, Mo had a charming patient called Raheem who was eagerly awaiting becoming a British citizen. Meanwhile, Mo was trying to pluck up the courage to tell Adele that she was her cousin rather than her sister. Adele took the news fairly well, and the two Effangas decided that not being officially sisters wouldn’t stop them being sisters. Adele threw a little party for Raheem’s citizenship, and was the only person in the known universe who knew an obscure verse of ‘God Save the Queen,’ which contains a line about everyone being one family. We can therefore add to the long list of ‘Adele’s Skills’ being able to brains-speak via the medium of song.

harry mary claire holbyMeanwhile, in Shoe-Sick-Central, Mary-Claire has only gone and fallen for the dashing Dr Tressler-Posh. Well, he is dashing. And posh. They’re still pretending that they’re just “friends with benefits,” though (and that might be how he thinks of her). They thought their patient was posh, but she was a cleaner. They also thought she had rabies from a bat bite, but actually she had hot tub lung (who knew?). These mistakes are bound to happen when your mind is confuzzled with romance. 

Sue H


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7 responses to “Holby City: Bigger, stronger, wiser, kind

  1. HolbyNut

    Loving MC and Harry. Hope he doesn’t break her heart. Think they are actually great together. Maybe Harry could suggest they become a relationship for Valentine’s Day – twee? or just lovely?

  2. I loved the party for Raheem’s citizenship! Heartwarming to have a good-news immigrant/refugee storyline, even though he left his unsympathetic family behind! I was also impressed by the soundproof curtains between beds, although Sasha’s daughter and the creepy teacher did incriminate themselves by writing down their conversation…

  3. I actually dosed off in the middle of this episode and missed how Sacha found out the baby daddy was the pervy teacher, but caught the end and was disappointed that he actually caved to Rachel’s tantrum and wasn’t going to call the police? WTF Sacha!
    I predict the whole Mary-Clare/Posh thing is going to be tedious.

  4. boods

    Called the creepy teacher in lurve as the dad last week, huzzah!

    Strange little episode for me — my sister and a female cousin and my brothers and a couple of male cousins are all as close as close can be (even more so than they are to their own siblings), so was a bit grumpy that Adele and Mo were acting as if they were somehow forbidden ever from being close again!

    As for the citizenship thing, as someone going through the process currently, the depiction here made me laugh — dude still has to sign paperwork in front of an official to make it official! You don’t have to go through the whole lord mayor thing either — bung a few quid at the official down at the council, and oath affirmed, papers sworn, and bam, crumpets all around. If he missed his appointment, he’s got to reschedule.

    Gah, why am I asking Holby to keep to the letter of authenticity 🙂

    I was hoping that Adele would sing the forbidden third verse, which is all about smiting Scotsmen, esp with Johnny Mac present, he he he.

  5. boods

    Oops — papers *signed*

    This is the actual second verse to GStQ
    O Lord our God arise,
    Scatter her enemies
    And make them fall;
    Confound their politics,
    Frustrate their knavish tricks,
    On Thee our hopes we fix,
    God save us all!

    Adele sang the 4th verse (and the rebellious Scots are in the 6th.)

    No, I don’t have to know this for the citizenship thing; I cheated and looked them up 😀

  6. holbybunners

    I’m sure Adele has arranged for Raheems papers to be signed by him on a future occasion – she is good at EVERYTHING that one. However it seems that the ceremony was important to HIM.

    In response to the poster who missed the bit where the penny began dropping for the lovely Sacha – it happened after the lady-in-the-bed-next-door dropped a HInt. We then saw a flicker of something cross that otherwise good humoured face and he found conclusive evidence among the papers on Rachels bed..
    PS For those missing the lovely Tom Chambers – he can be found moonlighting on “Father Brown” – second series repeated BBC1 2.15pm weekdays.

  7. thunderchild

    Are we to assume Sacha back in charge of Keller again? It seems Darwin is the only ward these days that has an official clinical lead.

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