Casualty: How to solve a problem like Grace

honey ethan casualty(Series 29, ep.18) Casualty is really on fire at the moment, and this was another cracking episode with plenty of drama, a bit of suspense and some light relief thanks to the wonderful pairing of Chelsee Healey and George Rainsford.

charlie connie casualtyGrace, once again obliged to hang around at the hospital after Granny Strachan was burgled, went missing – and there were two potential child abusers wandering around the hospital as well. Connie felt that grip of fear that any parent has felt on losing sight of their child, and Charlie pitched in with anecdotes about Louis going missing when he was a nipper. It’s different for Connie, though – Grace has always been with a nanny, Granny or at boarding school, so all this was new to her. 

One of the potential child abusers (James Alexandrou off of EastEnders) turned out not to be, and indeed gave the other child abuser a battering in the local pub. The battered man was Rita’s husband, just out of prison after doing time for sleeping with a 13 year old girl. Grace hadn’t been with either of them – she’d popped out for a burger and chips, because boarding school has taught her self-reliance.

rita casualtyThis didn’t stop Connie blaming Rita for allowing the husband to roam the hospital. She had to have someone to blame, having just agreed that Grace will go and live with Sam Strachan in New York (neatly solving the Grace problem before it starts to get old). “I want you out,” she told Rita. “I give you my solemn promise that in six months, you will be.” Rita’s reply? “No chance.” It’s properly on between the two of them now.

honey ethan casualty 2Something that was almost on was a romance between Honey and Ethan. When Honey twisted her ankle at the club she works at, she called for Ethan’s help. The scene where Ethan had to walk into a changing room full of scantily clad women was priceless. He’s so polite and awkward.

Back at the hospital, Honey admitted she really fancies Ethan – and frankly, what woman wouldn’t? He really likes her, too, and was just about to “pounce” when they were interrupted by Noel – who mustn’t know that his daughter works as an “exotic dancer.”

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4 responses to “Casualty: How to solve a problem like Grace

  1. fredpipes

    Why didn’t we hear anything about Ethan’s Magaluf holiday? Or Fletch’s wife? Here’s hoping Connie will get her mojo back, now the brat has been despatched..

  2. Mr Donnelly

    It’s interesting how Sam Strachan’s name hasn’t been mentioned once since Grace and Connie appeared in Casualty, not even by Grandma, who referred to her son as ‘Grace’s father’.

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