Waterloo Road: EXCLUSIVE Interview with star Holly Jack

Bonnie Kincaid smallerWARNING: This article contains spoilers which some readers may wish to avoid

It may be the last series of Waterloo Road (sob!) but there is going to be no let up in drama as the hit school based drama heads to its climax in coming weeks. In Monday’s episode, we see former shrinking violet turned outgoing fake tan-aholic Bonnie take centre stage as her desperate bid for attention backfires spectacularly. 

As her two timing with Scott and Justin is exposed by vengeful Kenzie, a bitter showdown ensues and it’s an unmissable piece of drama, trust me. Things get worse however as Bonnie’s life ends up on the line when an outing leads to the ostracised lass taking an unfortunate tumble down a ravine.

Earlier today, I caught up with talented actress Holly Jack, previously known to River City fans as drama magnet Nicole Brodie, for a chat on the latest developments for her character. As well as her accent making me nostalgic for my own Scottish roots, the extremely pleasant Holly chatted about her alter ego’s future, her feelings surrounding the ending of Waterloo Road and a very exciting, personal opportunity that will take her to LA, no less! The world is most definitely Holly’s oyster.

The tension is about to explode between Bonnie, Kenzie, Justin and Scott. Can you take me through what’s to come in Monday’s episode?

Yeah, it’s a really big one for them. Obviously, Bonnie has been seeing both Justin and Scott  and Kenzie finds this out. She uses it against Bonnie who pretends that she’s not bothered about how they will react but really she’s very worried about how it’ll kick off. And it really does and Bonnie is left with nobody really. She then falls down a ravine and it becomes a case of who is going to rescue her, if anyone. It’s a bit of a cliffhanger for a while.

WR_ND-0178Do you think Bonnie should be with Justin or Scott? Or neither of them?

I hope she’ll come out of this more confident in herself and more secure. She is craving attention at the moment so it doesn’t matter to her which boy it comes from, she’s just happy to accept it. But I hope that she learns that she doesn’t need attention from either boy to be able to feel self worth.

Is that the message that Waterloo Road are conveying with Bonnie’s story?

Yeah, definitely. Bonnie’s had a hard time he’s had no friends and very little attention so it’s understandable that she’s kind of come to this. There is a lot of pressure on young people, particularly young girls to fit in and make themselves a certain way dictated by magazines and social media. Bonnie has fallen to that pressure.

What’s it been like becoming the ‘glam’ Bonnie and wearing lots of fake tan and make up?

I am so different from Bonnie, I’m not very glamorous at all. In fact I’m a bit lazy when it comes to appearance so it was quite exciting at first to be able to do all this exciting stuff with fake tan and my hair and make up. But it wore off very quickly. The working days are quite long so adding on an hour for make up at the start meant both me and the make up team got over the excitement very quickly!

Waterloo Road is ending soon – how are you feeling about that? Is it sad or do you think it’s the right time for it to bow out?

It’s really sad in a way as Waterloo Road has a huge and great fan base, but we’re looking at it positively and using the last series to go WR_ND-0194out with a bang and hopefully leave viewers happy and satisfied with how it ends. For me, it wasn’t as sad as it was all quite new to me still and I have been really privileged to have been a part of it.

Will you keep in touch with anyone from the show?

Definitely, I’ve made some great friends. Charlotte (Beaumont, who plays Kenzie) will be good friends for the foreseeable – she’s a lovely girl and a phenomenal actress. On a Monday night, we’re always texting each other, giving our own little reviews on the episodes!

What are your own future plans and ambitions?

I’m actually flying out to LA on Monday! I’m going to a film school to do a course on television acting, so that’s really exciting! It’ll be good to get a taste of the US industry as they are really good at selling themselves confidently but without being too arrogant. I think British actors can be scared of promoting themselves in case they come across as arrogant so it’ll be really interesting to learn about the approach to that. That’s my short term plan anyway!

Finally, do you have any message for the fans of Waterloo Road?

The fans have been amazing and very lovely to all the new characters. For long term fans it can be daunting when a load of new characters join at once, but I’ve had so many lovely comments and messages. I really hope you enjoy the last few episodes and that you like Bonnie and thank you so much for all of your support for me and the show!

Waterloo Road continues at 8:30pm on BBC Three, followed by 10:45pm on BBC One. Go to www.waterlooroad.co.uk for updates.

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One response to “Waterloo Road: EXCLUSIVE Interview with star Holly Jack

  1. amy

    I really am said to know waterloo road will be all over soon as I have been a fan from the very beginning but I think all of the people who have been a part of it have been absolutely amazing your all fantastic actresses and actors and I hope you all have amazing future careers and bonnie I think our great inside and out may all your dreams come true and I hope you have a fab time in la. 😊 x

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