Waterloo Road: Is it true about the new graphics teacher?

guy waterloo road(Series 10, ep.13) There were three new guys in the school this week. Technically only two of them were guys (the other was a girl) and literally speaking only one of them was called Guy. He was the one everyone had a problem with, on account of him having come via some fast track route which meant he’d only had six weeks’ teacher training. He was also the one who seemed a tad too friendly with new girl Carrie. 

christine lorna waterloo roadWas there yet another paedophile in Waterloo Road’s midst? Lenny Brown was alert to the possibility, having been almost the victim of the last paedophile teacher back in series 9, so he did a bit of covert filming and his covert film was fairly soon in the hands of Vaughan Fitzgerald, who mobilised Lorna who is the house expert on child protection.

It was fairly easy to guess what came next. It turned out that Guy was Carrie’s brother (at 23 he was too young to be her father, even by Waterloo Road standards, so it was a simple process of elimination). His and Carrie’s mutual mother had forbidden Carrie from seeing him because she blamed him for his stepfather leaving her. Plus the poor lad is homeless and is sleeping in the school changing room.

lorna waterloo roadHe should move in with Lorna, whose current home is full of unpacked boxes and doesn’t look very homely. She spends her evenings crying on the phone to her mum and pretending she’s really in London, so I think she could do with the company. This week she was wearing another dress made out of a charity shop raincoat with the sleeves cut off (in black this time) but we weren’t supposed to notice that, as all fashion attention was on her killer heels. It’s made Christine rethink her comfy boots, I can tell you.

The other new teacher was called Marco, and he’s superficially all cocky and confident, but when he thinks nobody’s looking he’s secretly quite terrified.

justin bonnie waterloo roadIn other news, Bonnie is apparently not using the brains she was born with (because being clever gets you bullied by Lisa and Shaznay), and she revealed this by letting slip in front of Scott and Justin that Kenzie can’t read.

Bonnie may not use her brains much, but she’s happy to exercise all other parts, and mere minutes later she was helping Justin test out his mattress at home. It’s only been a couple of weeks since she was testing out the backstage area at school with Scott, and Scott and Justin are deadly enemies. It can’t end well.

And in other news, poor Sonya has found a lump. Even worse, she’s got both Maggie and Audrey being sympathetic at her. Poor woman.

Sue H

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