Casualty: Count your blessings

connie casualty(Series 29, ep.17) Robyn has a heart of gold. She also has “oomph,” according to Lofty, which is interesting because Lofty “likes a woman with oomph.”

Robyn got to showcase both her heart of gold and her oomph when she had to look after a woman who’d been run over trying to escape from a shop with pockets full of frozen chicken, and the woman’s husband who had a destroyed kidney due to bare-knuckle boxing. ‘Oh, these ne’er-do-well Farmead Estate types,’ you might think to yourself if you were Dr Lily Chao. But if you were Robyn you’d look deeper and discover they were just desperate people trying to find a way to feed their children. Robyn felt she needed to do something more than just patch people up and send them on their way (albeit with sandwiches bought with her own money) and has now secured Connie’s permission to start collecting in the department for the local food bank, because she’s a treasure. 

Children of course need more than just food in order to thrive. The wee blighters also like a bit of parental attention. This applies no matter how old they are, as Connie discovered when treating the grown-up daughter of That Famous Portrait Artist Corinne Caulfield. Having seen at first hand the distress of the daughter when the mother chose to put her career first, Connie went back to her office to ring Grace – but a juicy incoming CT case soon had her bouncing out of the door and ignoring her daughter’s call.

At least the Hailey Blake business has now resolved itself. After hanging round the department trying to apologise to Connie, Hailey ended up having a panic attack in the car park (as well she might – that place is fraught with danger as we see on a weekly basis on Holby). This gave Dr Zoe Hanna the opportunity to tell her what a great doctor Connie is, and to float the idea that maybe Hailey’s father’s fatal injuries occurred after he left the hospital.

In other news, Cal has sent Ethan on a holiday to Magaluf so he can have the flat to himself and his new girlfriend. Ethan isn’t sure what to expect of Magaluf, but he’s certainly not likely to run into Meryl Streep – and he is a “Meryl Streep kind of guy,” we discovered.

Sue H


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2 responses to “Casualty: Count your blessings

  1. Catkin

    Ooh, Ethan likes the older woman does he? There’s hope for us yet. Heartbreaking to see what Connie is doing to both her child and herself. She is not endearing herself to the viewers at the moment and the character is somewhat one dimensional. Can’t help feeling she was a better fit in Holby.

  2. holbylover819

    CONNIE!!? Why, Connie must you do this. I was so happy when she resolved the court case thing and then she just goes and puts her job ahead of her daughter again. When will she get the message all these mirror patients are trying to send her? (By that I mean the patients’ situations mirror hers – a regular occurrence in Holby General!)
    Also, surely Cal’s lady doctor friend has to be joining the ED at some point?

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