Waterloo Road: The one with bikes

waterloo road(Series 10, ep.12) It’s a sign of the continuing deterioration of Waterloo Road that the thing I enjoyed most about the most recent episode was that one of the actors is called Pooky Quesnel.

To the action, then, and there was a Controversial New Initiative which involved a bike borrowing scheme which apparently had been cooked up by Vaughan and local bike dealer Mubbs from Holby (last seen on Waterloo Road as Sam Kelly’s oncologist). This led inevitably to a high-speed bike chase around the playground and the wider vicinity, and to Kevin Chalk coming off his bike and ending up in hospital with Maggie the Dinnerlady staring compassionately at him, like she does. He’s now planning to move to Havelock High because of their superior IT teaching and also to get away from being gazed at compassionately by Maggie. 

The bike accident was all the fault of bad boy Scott, who doesn’t seem to have a redeeming feature. What you really want from a bad boy is a trace of something good – we should either understand what’s making him bad (Justin Fitzgerald last half term, George Sampson) or he should have immense personal charm to offset the badness (Barry Barry, Finn Sharkey). Scott is just horrible.

Another one I can’t cope with is new deputy head Lorna, and this is mainly due to her continuing rivalry with Christine, but also because she wears dresses that seem to have been fashioned out of oversized charity-shop raincoats with the sleeves cut off. It’s not a good look.

Sue H

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