Holby City: We have contact with Miami

emma jonny holby(Series 17, ep.14) Just before Jac Naylor was lured away to America to teach the Americans how to use the Herzig, there was the problem of Emma to address. It was Little Miss Jaccy Maccy Junior’s first birthday, which meant that Jonny Mac had arranged a party complete with jelly, balloons and a rendition of ‘The Wheels on the Bus,’ because he believes in doing things properly. Jac had got a present for her daughter which was tastefully wrapped, but frustratingly we never got to see what it was. The box looked a bit too small to be ‘My First Wet Lab,’ but maybe she gave her one of those for Christmas.

The Americans offered Jac a generous childcare package, including extra trans-Atlantic flights for Jonny Mac so he could visit – but would Jac be able to deprive him of daily contact with his offspring? 

sacha jac holbyIn a word, no. I have to admit I didn’t much care either way, as I’m somewhat over Jaccy Maccy Junior as a plot device until she comes back in a few years as a wild child (see below). It was the right decision under the circumstances – Jac does need to repair bonds with her daughter at some stage, but depriving Jonny of daily contact with her at this point would have been very cruel indeed. Not as bad as snogging Selfie as a consolation prize, though.

holbyThere was much excitement on Darwin as the Americans wished to see a Herzig procedure for themselves, so a live video link-up was arranged. Mo was lined up to do the surgery, all the better to showcase Jac’s teaching skills. “We have contact with Miami, if you’d like to proceed,” Selfie told Mo, because he enjoys being pompous and show-offy.

Mo was a bit nervous about doing her first Herzig on the telly in front of Miami and that, but she held her nerve – even when it became clear that the patient wasn’t suitable to have a Herzig after all. Selfie and US representative Patsy Brassvine got a bit cross about this, but Jac supported her colleague and eventually the Americans conceded that Mo had made a good call and was exactly the type of well-mentored surgeon they hoped Jac would soon be turning out for them.

rachel sacha holbyOn Keller we discovered the dangers of taking those fictional over-the-counter enliveners ‘Keepy-Ups,’ when Sacha’s daughter Rachel appeared at the hospital with amphetamine in her blood and a septic tattoo on her arm. She’s obviously going the Grace Beauchamp route and turning into a Wild Child, and she’ll have to get a grip on that tendency if she really wants to be a vet.

harry mary claire holbyAnd on AAU, Mary-Claire was doing her best to resist the charms of Dr Harry Tressler (“He’s like a budgie with a mirror,” she told their mutual patient, accurately. And like a budgie, he’s been careless with his seed in the past so she should think on). Harry was also trying to resist Mary-Claire. They couldn’t manage to resist for an entire hour, so a clothing-ruffling visit to the on-call room was required. This could be fun, as there is actual chemistry between the two of them, though I hope the story doesn’t go back down the old path of “Mary-Claire isn’t the sort of girl you can take home to meet Mummy.”

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10 responses to “Holby City: We have contact with Miami

  1. mrssatan

    First of all; am I the only one who was nearly revisited by everything I’d eaten at the sight of Selfie performing an unorthodox tonsillectomy on Jac? 😵

    Secondly; “And like a budgie, he’s been careless with his seed in the past so she should think on.” I can’t fully explain just how much I love this sentence… 💕💕💕

  2. MvOC

    Not only am I over Jaccy Maccy Junior being used as a plot devise but I’m over Jac in general. Why was she getting credit for Mo being a good surgeon? Didn’t Mo arrive at Holby as one of the best transplant surgeons? When have we seen Jac mentoring Mo? Does Jac’s brilliance somehow rub off onto others like stale perfume just by them standing next to her? If that’s the case Selfie will be able to perform Hertzig surgery whilst blindfolded next week!

    I like Sacha but I’m beginning to think only as a background character, Sacha centred stories aren’t enough to hold my attention and in an episode that also included Harry being central on AAU and Jac being Jac on Darwin… this episode was a struggle. The only saving grace were brief moments of Dominic!

  3. holbylover819

    I like Harry and Mary-Claire. I mean, they get on really well. I’d still like to see Harry grow up a bit though. I thought having a son would do that but it seems that plot device has conveniently disappeared.

  4. Thunderchild

    I’ve never found Sacha an interesting character and I think the next time a petrol tanker comes crashing through reception I’d hope that he and Selfie will be standing in it’s path!

    I liked Mo standing up to Selfie and Jac backing her up – are we really supposed to take this man seriously as DOS/CEO. Bring back Henrik Hannsen……quickly!

    And I see Ric’s vanished again!

    • mrssatan

      I too am pining for the days of sharp suits, equally sharp put-downs, and vampire-like looming along the corridors… HH’s return cannot come a moment too soon

  5. Al

    I suspect there’s more than a teacher-student relationship between Rachel and Aiden Kerrigan. That “Aiden”, ” Mr Kerrigan” line was there for a reason… Or am I just a cynic!

  6. Jo

    LOL LOL Lol “And like a budgie, he’s been careless with his seed in the past ” Oh Naughty Clover 😉

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