Casualty: Mother and daughter fail to bond

grace connie casualty(Series 29, ep.16Christmas is over, the tinsel’s all been put away, nobody is going to work in sequins any more and it’s misery as usual in A&E.

Connie Beauchamp’s offspring Grace, as we’ve seen, is quite a character – the character I have in mind is the girl in The Exorcist. Grace isn’t quite at the spewing green bile stage yet, and to try and pull her back from the head-revolving brink Connie proposed taking a day off work so they could do mother/daughter bonding. Needless to say, this didn’t work out at all and Grace has now decided to move in with her Granny Strachan.

Zoe received some advice about romance from guest artiste Alan Rothwell (who used to be a kids’ TV presenter when I was Grace’s age [hauntingly weird bit of YouTube here] – maybe he is what’s missing from Grace’s life), but this unfortunately coincided with catching Max kissing a nurse.

And Colin Firth was admitted with chest pains, only it wasn’t that Colin Firth.

Sue H


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3 responses to “Casualty: Mother and daughter fail to bond

  1. fredpipes

    Connie’s daughter is such a spoilt brat, is there no boarding school willing to take her?

    • wiggles

      I believe she’s already been expelled from 2, but would have thought there’d have been somewhere else Connie could have tried if she’d wanted to. Am assuming she thought Grace being at home might improve things = big mistake, obvs!

  2. holbylover819

    Wow I was genuinely tearful at the bit where Connie let her daughter go. This is the first episode where I felt sympathy for Connie as previously she seemed plain mean to her daughter. Here we saw her conflicts with work and understood them. She had so many people who needed her answers and her sense of duty as a doctor prevented her from leaving the woman in the ambulance. I really wished that Grace had heard her mum say ‘I love you’

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