Waterloo Road: The twilight zone

waterloo road(Series 10, ep.11) This review comes to you through a fog of apathy only partly induced by the horrible cold virus I’ve had since Boxing Day. Most of the apathy is due to the fact that the episode just wasn’t very good.

As usual at the start of a 10 episode “term,” there were a bunch of new characters. These were:

– New deputy head Lorna, who fulfils the WR teaching remit of being fairly useless at her job. Her chief skill is annoying Christine with her upstart ways.

– Vaughan’s estranged wife Olga, who is working as a supply teacher. Despite Leo and Justin spending the last ten weeks bleating about how much they missed her, they’re a tad mortified to have both their parents on the teaching staff. I would say “Oh, the fickleness of youth,” if I didn’t agree with them. 

– Bonnie, who is a girl with legs, big hair and a fake tan. Apparently she used to be a girl with legs, smaller hair and a paler complexion, but this didn’t make her happy. Being so fit that all the boys in the school get all wobbly and agitated at the sight of her hasn’t made her happy either, as she thought she’d discovered Romance with fellow newbie Scott (see below), only to find herself getting the cold shoulder after an encounter in the backstage area (not a euphemism).

– Scott (“Talented, if lazy,” apparently) has previous form in this regard with Kenzie and her mum (see below). Scott is this term’s “bad boy,” and possibly the most boring one since Aidan Scotcher.

– Kenzie was the most interesting of the new bunch of pupils, a frail-looking girl who’s also handy with a knife. No school can tame her (but hey, that’s what WR specialises in) as none has managed to discover that she’s a carer for her mum who has ME (but still manages to “entertain” the above-mentioned Scott). And she can’t read or write.

– New bike racing champion Dale is so quiet he makes Leo Fitzgerald seem like Alan Carr, so I couldn’t really tell you anything about him yet.

Plot wise it was mainly about the newbies and their various issues, though there was some silliness involving a new intercom system. And it looks like Waterloo Road is being sold off and the school will be merged with Havelock High. Most devastating of all, the statue of oversized vegetables seems to have disappeared from above the school canteen door, so no #broccoliwatch at all this week. If the BBC are auctioning the broccoli off, I’d like to make a bid.

Thank heavens next week there’s a Controversial New Initiative to look forward to, in the form of a new “Bike Bank.” And Kevin Chalk’s life is in danger yet again.

Sue H

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