Casualty: We can’t all wear sequins to work

zoe tess casualty(Series 29, ep.15) This review is brought to you from a freezing cold Haasler Towers, in between rib-cracking bouts of coughing. The twin spectres of the Flu Grinch and a boiler with an electrical fault have not heralded the best start to a new year ever seen, but at least there’s always Casualty to liven up the mood with its festive blend of misery and trauma.

connie grace casualtyWhat’s happened to Connie Beauchamp since she left Darwin? She was always a bitch, but she was always our bitch and there was a certain style and sass to her bitchiness. Now she’s just horrible, jumping to all kinds of stereotypical conclusions about the unwashed oiks who have the misfortune to pass in front of her stern gaze (and that’s only the staff). Yes, she’s having trouble with daughter Grace and this might even lead to a disciplinary for Connie, but it’s not enough to make me have sympathy for the way she treated a poor woman who was only doing her best to look after her children. What’s happened to Con from Peckham, who had at least a vague memory of her council estate roots? 

iain dixie casualtyIt was New Year in Holby as it was in so many places worldwide, and Lofty used the opportunity to make a video  of the staff declaring what their resolutions were. This was the opportunity for soul-searching and life-changing thinking of the kind that only really happens on TV and not in real life (where the only genuine resolution tends to be “Never again…”). So we had Honey wanting to make her family proud of her (and, thanks to Louise, a bit of progress in the Honey/Noel relationship), Dixie thanking everyone for their post-Jeff support and Tess promising she was going to be “the old Tess” again. And Cal showing a shocking disregard for the English language by promising to “break less hearts.” That’s fewer hearts, lad. Good grief.

That’s brought on another coughing fit, so I’m going to wrap this up before I spray germs all over you. With any luck I’ll be back to full match fitness in time for Holby on Tuesday. And a nice electrician will have got the house warmed up again.

Sue H


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6 responses to “Casualty: We can’t all wear sequins to work

  1. fredpipes

    There was another use of less for fewer later on, from Smiffy i think!

  2. Thunderchild

    Can’t helpt but feel that if Connie’s story had been playing out in Darwin we would have had a lot more sympathy for her – at least she would have Elliott (or perhaps more interestingly Jac) to open up to. Zoe really needs to take her out for a drink or two!

  3. I sympathise with you about the coughing etc. I have had what started as a croaky cough about a week ago, but has now developed into a cold – lucky I have had the flu jab 😉 Our heater works though!

    • Thank you for the sympathy, and I hope you feel better soon. Apparently our friendly electrician (who installed the heating system in the first place) is on his way, so fingers crossed for a warmer Haasler Towers by the end of the day.

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