EastEnders: Denise is full of it, Emma is out of it and the Mitchells have had their Phil of it.

soaps-eastenders-nancy-carter-dexter-hartmanWe all like a drink at New Year and it’s been a particularly rocky new year in Walford (or a normal one by EastEnders standards) so we can’t really blame any of the Albert Square residents for getting a little bit sloshed but Denise took it a wee bit too far this evening. Yep, the Vic is often home to people making a bit of a spectacle of themselves (we’re looking at you Sonia ‘Gastric Band’ Fowler) and it was Denise’s turn today.

Having had a face off with Kim about the bruises on Patrick’s arms, Denise sought solace in the bottom of a bottle and wasted no time in lashing out at all and sundry before falling unceremoniously from her stool. This sobering moment gave Denise a bit of a wake up call and sent her back home with her drunken tail between her legs but one thing was sure; something needed to change where Patrick’s care was concerned. Denise cannot go on like this; but where will this leave everyone’s favourite Trueman?

The main action in Walford however was in Dexter’s exit. Naw, just kidding, it was the car crash obviously but we’ll cover Dexter’s departure first and he pulled off something I never thought possible in his final appearance; he was actually somewhat likeable. He spent his last few moments not thinking of himself; which is largely what he has done during his entire infuriating Walford tenure, but reuniting dying Stan with Cora. Cora was considering joining Dexter in Newcastle (given my close proximity to the Toon, I’m a tad worried at how close Dex will be to me) but we know that her stony but slightly soft centred heart lies with Stanny Boy.

They were united with a mix-CD (modern!) at the subway station and went back to Walford to face their uncertain but tender looking, if only short term, future.

soaps-eastenders-yvonne-cotton-charlie-cottonMrs Doyle was fighting with her conscience meanwhile, as she concealed the secret that Nick Cotton was the one responsible for the car crash which almost killed Ronnie and her baby. She was adamant that she would do the right thing; but anyone who is skewed enough to sleep with Nick evidently doesn’t have much in the way of morals and it wasn’t long before she was helping Nasty Nick pin the whole thing on Phil. Having planted the brake snippers in Phil’s coat, Mrs Doyle’s deed was done and the police were soon on the scene to see their best mate Phil once more. He looked slightly exasperated in a ‘not bloody again’ kind of way as he was placed under arrest. It was a sour turn for the Mitchells who had just been relieved that doom magnet Ronnie had pulled back from the brink of death.

Not so lucky was Detective Summerhayes, who has cracked the Lucy Beale case but hasn’t survived long enough to share the gossip with the rest of us. Max, who in his defense, seems to genuinely love the lass, gave her a tender kiss to the forehead as a brain bleed (rare condition in Walford given the wide lack of brain matter around) finished her off. It was a bittersweet moment for the 14 suspects in the case. They all had half hearted sympathies to give to the news of her death (all except drunken Denise) but one of them was secretly relieved that their crime was safe. Until EastEnders’ big birthday, that is. Not long to go now, so let’s line up those final 14 suspects in the case shall we?

Whitney Dean

Mixed up past but a bit too dense to cover up a murder I reckon. Bit of an outsider.

Lee Carter

He’s certainly got a temper; just ask Ben ‘New Face’ Mitchell

EastEnders-WK-16Ben Mitchell

He has no qualms about dealing with people who need ‘smacking dahn’ and has, in the past, caved in the head of Heather Trott with a photo frame. Lucy Beale, in comparison, is small fry.

Max Branning

The shiftiest of the lot and a good reason as to why Emma procrastinated so much in reporting the murderer to the police; did ultimate slimeball Max finish off his young lover? (behave, I didn’t mean it like that)

Peter Beale

Could he have killed his sister in a drug fuelled haze? He certainly has a temper when he’s had a hit of coke. Just ask Ian’s window (RIP)

Denise Fox

She is handling things rather badly at the moment isn’t she and she has had no words of sympathy for the late Emma. However, would she have really handed over the phone and purse she dug up at the allotment if she had something to hide?

Lauren Branning

She was spotted sneaking away from Lucy’s on the night of the murder and there have been some significant glares between her and Emma in her last hours alive…

Ian Beale

Surely Ian wouldn’t have killed his own daughter? At least not deliberately but he certainly seems to want to bury the present found under the tree…

Abi Branning

Abi and Max hold a secret that no one else knows about and Abi has a sinister side which she proved when she stalked sister Lauren. She is most definitely capable…

Jay Mitchell

Someone who has nothing to hide would not bury a dead girl’s belongings.

47747Cindy Junior

Anyone who has been born from the womb of Cindy Beale is capable of anything.

Les Coker

Well, anything for a bit of business…

Pam Coker

She has killed before; although admittedly it was not quite the same. She is still a few scones short of a batch…

Jane Beale

She has a bit of a tough edge and has done a lot of warning off of Emma recently. Was she brought back for the specific reason that she is a killer!?

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