Holby City: My dead ex is getting married

nathan dominic holby(Series 17, ep.12) Isn’t it awful when your deceased One True Love decides to get married and you find yourself stuck in a lift with his dangerously ill fiancé? Come on, we’ve all been there.  But why was Dr Dominic Copeland there (as in, anywhere near a Holby lift), when we last saw him packing his sunnies and about to go to LA to carry Fleur’s briefcase for her?

He came home early because he missed Kyle, he told Kyle. There were complaints made about him by conference delegates because they were homophobic, he told Ric and Serena. Basically, he messed up and got sent home in disgrace. This and a telling off from Ric weren’t enough to make him any humbler – he was soon busy slagging off Kyle’s Christmas present to him. “A beige jumper. Medium.” [Gives Kyle A Look] “You think I’m a medium.” [Looks at the label] “Viscose.” He didn’t care at all that Kyle obviously adores him, and is gentle and honest and kind. What sort of qualities are these if you can’t even manage to purchase natural fibres? 

It was time Dominic learned a proper life lesson, and it came courtesy of Nathan Hargreave, who is now engaged to Malick. Wedding invitations have gone out and Henrik Hanssen is going to be best man (how I would love to hear his speech). When Nathan got knocked off his bike in the super-dangerous Holby car park, it only became obvious how bad his head injury was when he lost consciousness in a broken-down lift with only Dominic for company. Ric Griffin managed to lower down a fairly hefty-looking drill, and Dominic had to crack on and drill the skull of his former love rival. When he lost confidence, a little phone call to Kyle soon set him right.

This was despite Kyle having recently just discovered that Malick, who Dominic told him was dead, is very much not dead (indeed we heard his voice when he rang to congratulate Dominic on a job well done when his fiance pulled through safely).

“You’re just one big lie aren’t you, Darren?” Kyle told Dominic later. Dominic’s response was to propose, but Kyle is too sensible and northern to be taken in by that kind of thing. “I think you really need some help,” he said. So via a good cry in the arms of Digby, Dominic toddled off to theatre to ask Sacha and Ric if he could scrub in. “I have a professional career to carve out,” he informed them, but it remains to be seen how long he can keep that up.

On Darwin Mo was looking after Lauren, who had a heart problem and was also pregnant, which necessitated a lot of visits from Mr T (MR T!!!). The pregnancy had started out as a surrogacy, but when it was discovered that the baby had spina bifida the other parents didn’t want to know, and Lauren decided she would keep the baby and look after it no matter what. This of course brought up a lot of feelings for Mo about her own surrogate pregnancy, and Mr T was sensitive and sweet as only he can be, especially compared to That Jesse. This combined with Mr T’s natural wonderfulness and the fact that he brews his own elderflower wine convinced Mo to ask him to her sister’s wedding (not Adele; there’s a third Effanga sister apparently). “I’m asking the right man for the right reason,” she said, and Mr T looked thrilled, until she friend-zoned him a few minutes later. Good grief, it’s two steps forward, one step back for that poor man and his romantic ambitions.

There wasn’t all that much going on down in AAU. They’re ever such a matey bunch down there at the moment, with the whole lot of them piling down to Albie’s to see in the new year together. Following a short burst of high-level flirting, Mary-Claire and Harry wandered off together. Nobody really noticed – Serena had just ordered a round of shots.

Sue H

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6 responses to “Holby City: My dead ex is getting married

  1. The Divine Bebe

    Kyle is adorable and deserves better. I too enjoy Dominic’s evil ways, but I don’t want him doing down that sweet boy. Enjoyed Mr T, of course.

  2. fredpipes

    Mr T deserves better than Mo, she’d eat him for breakfast and spit him out! And did you notice that the patient who discharged herself collapsed inside Holby, not in the car park, as usually happens?

  3. Pippa Lewer

    Hi Sue, as a recent convert to Holby I love your blogs. But please, what has being Northern got to do with anything?

    • Glad you like the blogs, Pippa. I’m northern myself (Co. Durham), so I suppose I associate being northern with a kind of no-nonsense common sense. Total stereotype, I know, but Kyle fits it even if I don’t always! 😉

      • Pippa Lewer

        How lovely to meet someone from the same county as me ! Love your “Pauseliveaction’s Reviews” book. I use it to catch up with everything I’ve missed – I only started watching in 2013. So sad there are never any Holby repeats. I suppose this is to do with the licensing.

  4. boods

    Ah the Black ‘n’ Decker test of mettle, a perenniel favourite. I recall my Casualty fave Guppy facing a similiar situation in the basement of a wrecked orphanage or some such with Harry Harper on the other end of the mobile.

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